Jack de Groot

2004 - Certified farrier and EFA farrier
I am specialized in the Icelandic horse as a farrier, breeder and rider. I use Duplo for the Icelandics and on request also for other horses, mostly for endurance riders. In the past years I have done lots of horses with laminitis, the special Duplo are a great help.
I work in the centre of the Netherlands in the triangle Urecht, Arnhem, Apeldoorn.
Further Information
30 years ago I got in contact with Icelandic horses, now I am working as a farrier and own five of them myself. The day I discovered the Duplos, I saw their special qualities and started using them.
Hoefsmederij "Aan de gang"
Jack de Groot
Weg naar het Ganzen Ei 9
6971 JG Brummen
Phone: 06/21916705
Latest Update: 2019-02-14