Johannes van Riessen

1996 Rijksgediplomeerd Hoefsmid
attended Schooling Projects (still)
2009 EFFA certified
lid van de Nederlandse Vereniging van Hoefsmeden
Being a full-time farrier, allround and curious!
In the middle and west of Holland.
Further Information
I got to know horses from birth on. I have 4 horses myself, with my partner and daughter.I came across to the Duplo Horseshoe traying Turfcord Shoes. I tried Easy-Walker and Marathons boots and Turfcord. I think Duplo can be an asset!
Hoefsmederij J.v.Riessen
Johannes van Riessen
Franseweg 108
3921 DK Elst-Ut.
Tel.:+31 6-225 09 169
Handy:+31 318 472 665
Latest Update: 2019-12-19