Magdalena Senderska-Płonowska

2015 - auditor of "Farriery and Podiatry'" lessons for bioengeeniring students in University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
2017 - graduation of Veterinary Medicine University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland)
2018 - Daisy Haven Farm workshops in Parkesburg (PA) in USA. Additionaly I spent 2 weeks watching work of Daisy Bicking.
2018 - workshop with Hans Castelijns in Poznań
2019 - lecture with Wayne Preece, during VetForum in Łódź.
I glue on composite shoe and nail on Duplo horseshoes. Except of shoeing and trimming horses I help horse owners in management horses with EMS and PPID. I also run workshop for owner - how to take care about horses' feet. Currently I am doing a PhD about subclinical laminitis.
Wroclaw (Breslau) + 50km
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Whike I was studying veterinary medicine I was working in horse stable as a horse riding instructor during weekend. We had trouble to have farriers on time and what is more, it happend very often, that the horses were lame after farrier's visit. The owner of stable asked me, if I can do it. So I reach additional education and I started to do it. During and after finishing the study I had an several intership with local vets and clinics. During this time I realised I want to be a podiatrist. Firstly I was trimming only, then I sterted glueing horseshoes and now I also shoe horses. I am always looking for the best solution for horse and owner, I talk about general menagemnt and nutrition with owners. I often work in xray.
Magdalena Senderska-Płonowska
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