FAQ - Ordering Duplo Horseshoes

We have compiled the most frequent questions about ordering and hope you benefit from the answers. Otherwise, simply contact the Duplo Team!

Are Duplo Horseshoes sold by the piece or in pairs?
We have decided to sell our horseshoes by the piece because some horses have different hoof sizes or different hoof shapes. That way, you can individually choose fitting horseshoes.

Why can't Duplo Horseshoes be delivered to certain countries?
In some countries (e. g. France, Switzerland), we have permanent associates who are responsible for the complete distribution of Duplo products. Our clients benefit from this settlement by shorter delivery times and lower shipping charges. Please contact the national agent there for your Duplo orders. Our colleagues are looking forward to you!

Why do I have to pay fees for deliveries to Great Britain?
We have to charge import VAT and clearance fee for all deliveries to Great Britain. Most of the horseshoes and accessory products that are manufactured in our company are of European Union preferential origin; therefore, there is generally no additional import duty on these products. However, this isn't the case for all products in our range (shoeing tools, for example). Please take a look at your invoice for details about the products' origin.

There is no Duplo distributor in my country. Why is it still not possible for me to order Duplo Horseshoes?
In that case, you are perhaps our first client from that country and the country hasn't yet been activated in our online shop. Please let us know, we are going to take care of that!

Can I return Duplo Horseshoes after I ordered them?
If you have ordered more than one Duplo size to choose from or if you realize that the chosen model doesn't match the planned purpose, you can return those horseshoes if certain conditions are met:

  • The returned products are current models. You cannot return discontinued models.
  • The returned horseshoes are in good order and condition. There are no traces of usage, contaminations or labeling visible.
  • The products are returned within three months after the date of invoice. That way, you have plenty of time to compare the horseshoes with your horse's current hoof shape and size. For all glue-on tabs (Wolf Busch®, Easy and Pro), a reduced period of one month applies.
  • Your billing address is within the EU. If you want to return horseshoes from third countries, please contact us before - there are customs procedures to consider.
  • Your return shipment contains a copy of your invoice so we can match the returned horseshoes to your customer account. In case of reshipments without accompanying papers, we will charge a handling fee of 5.00 EUR net.
  • The products are returned at your own expense when we are not at fault.

If these conditios aren't met - for example if the returned horseshes are not part of our current line of products any more or if they exhibit any defects -, we reserve the right not to accept your return shipment.

Please send your return shipment to the following address: Duplo Composite Horseshoes, H. Frank Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Vorderfreundorfer Straße 20, D-94143 Grainet.

If you want us to exchange the returned horseshoes for other sizes or other models, simply let us know.

Latest Update: 2022-12-19