Payment and Shipping

Payment Methods

EU World
SEPA Direct Debit Scheme
The amount of invoice will be charged from your bank account two weeks after the invoice date. The exact date will be mentioned on your invoice. Your articles will be shipped as soon as possible.
Our Creditor Identifier: DE95ZZZ00000625461
Please note: It is only possible to pay by SEPA Direct Debit if you have a bank account within the European Union. Your first order can only be paid by prepayment or PayPal; payment by SEPA Direct Debit is only possible from the second order on and when we have received your signed SEPA mandate.
You'll receive an invoice with our bank details in a separate e-mail. Your articles will be shipped upon receipt of payment. The products are reserved for you until your payment has arrived (14 calendar days at most). After this period, the products will be cleared for sales again and your invoice will be cancelled.
Please note that (depending on your bank and your country) the transmission of your payment may take 1-4 working days. In order to accelerate the process, you can also pay your invoice via PayPal (
Please always state your invoice number as reference so we can identify your payment.
You pay your invoice with your PayPal account. Your articles will be shipped receipt of payment.
Our PayPal account:

Shipping Charges Germany

Order (incl. 19% VAT) Shipping Charges (incl. 19% VAT)
118.99 EUR or less 6.90 EUR
119.00 EUR or more 0.00 EUR

Shipping Charges EU

Order (net) Shipping Charges (net)
99.99 EUR or less 15.00 EUR
100.00 EUR or more 0.00 EUR

Shipping Charges Worldwide

The shipping charges outside the EU are a certain price per package plus a certain price per kilogram. In some shipping zones, there is an additional charge for customs handling necessary.
Zone 3: Iceland, Norway
Zone 3B: Belarus
Zone 4: Russian Federation
Zone 6: Australia, New Zealand
GB: Great Britain

Shipping Zone Price per Package Customs Handling Price per kg Run-Time according to DHL (plus potential delays at customs)
Zone 3 11.84 EUR 0.00 EUR 1.25 EUR Iceland: ca. 14-21 work days (or even longer as experience has shown)
Norway: ca. 7-8 work days
Zone 4 25.40 EUR 12.00 EUR 2.36 EUR ca. 9 work days
Zone 4 24.00 EUR 12.00 EUR 2.60 EUR more than 14 work days
Zone 6 31.13 EUR 0.00 EUR 3.96 EUR Australia: more than 40 work days
New Zealand: more than 50 work days
GB 11,71 EUR 3,95 EUR 1,13 EUR ca. 3 work days

Premium Shipping to Zone 6

There is a premium shipping option to Australia and New Zealand available. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you'd like to use that option!

Price per Package Price per kg Crisis Addition per kg Run-Time
29.97 EUR 8.74 EUR 3.90 EUR ca. 7-9 work days

Distribution Partners

In some countries, we have national distributors who take care of the customer service and the complete order processing on the spot. Our partners all come from the horseshoeing sector and are therefore qualified contact persons for your questions.

Contact Data

Shipping to other Countries

At the moment, these are the only activated countries in our online shop. If your country isn't activated, please contact the Duplo Team - we are looking forward to helping you!

Latest Update: 2021-12-28

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

Standard Shipping

It depends from your payment method when your order will be shipped. Shipping itself will take approximately three to five workdays with DHL.

Scale Total price
to 119,00 EUR 6,90 EUR
from 119,00 EUR to 10.000,00 EUR 0,00 EUR
from 10.000,00 EUR - no shipping -