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Would you like to discover the horse events we'll be attending and stay updated on the latest developments regarding our composite horseshoes? Then this is the right place for you. For comprehensive insights into hoof care, alternative hoof protection, and, of course, our alternative horse shoes, we invite you to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

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Explore the world of our hoof protection, crafted in Germany, and the Original composite horseshoe. Learn more about our latest products and events. We want to help you find the best possible hoof protection for your horse to support its health and well-being optimally. Just like people, horses are individuals, and not every hoof requires the same hoof protection solution. Some horses can go barefoot, while others need horseshoes, and some may require additional shock absorption. We do not adhere to rigid, one-size-fits-all thinking or advocate for a single approach to alternative hoof protection. Our goal is to find the right solution for each horse. Make sure to regularly check our online shop to stay up to date with our product innovations and events.

Events - Events Related to the Duplo Composite Horseshoe, Fairs, Workshops, and Seminars

Here, you'll find the dates of current events worldwide, including seminars specifically dedicated to the composite horseshoe, as well as fairs where the composite horseshoe is one of many products represented. We have a series of exciting events planned in Germany. Our experts are looking forward to sharing their knowledge in the planned workshops and courses about our adhesive shoes. We welcome both newcomers and experienced users!


  • Glue-on Workshop - Region Freyung-Grafenau, September 2024 The workshop on the glued application of our composite and plastic hoof boots in the Freyung-Grafenau region will take place on September 28, 2024. Detailed information is available on our website under the "Further Education and Courses" category. We look forward to your registration!
  • Glue-on Workshop - Region Hannover, October 2024 Join us for a specialized workshop on the glued application of our composite and plastic horseshoes in Hannover on October 05, 2024. For detailed information, visit our website under the "Further Education and Courses" section. We look forward to your registration!

News - Stay Informed About the Latest Developments in the Field of Alternative Hoof Protection

Closing Plugs are inserted into horseshoes

Do you know our Closing Plugs?

They protect your threads during times without studs from exvessive dirt, are quickly removable, and make it easier to screw in the studs when needed.
We have taken the launch of out Type 2 closing plugs an opportunity to send you mathing closing plugs for your Jumper shoes FOR FREE.
The offer is valid while stock lasts.
Our team is ready to assist you. You can also find more infomration in our online shop.


Change in Shipping Costs at the Turn of the Year

Change in Shipping Costs at the Turn of the Year

We have tried to make our shipping conditions attractive and to offer all customers within Germany and the EU the option of free shipping. Due to rising shipping costs and constantly changing regulations on licensing and labeling of packaging along with associated costs reaching several thousand euros per country in the EU, we will unfortunately no longer be able to maintain this service in the future. From January 1, 2024, we will therefore raise the postage-free limit within Germany from € 119 gross (€ 100 net) to € 148,75 gross (€ 125 net). Within the EU, we will offer reduced shipping costs for orders over € 125 net. Outside the EU, shipping costs will continue to be calculated based on the weight of the shipment. The old shipping conditions can be used until December 26.

Payment and Shipping

The HDS and the TS Hoof Scraper Will Change to our Regular Range!

The HDS and the TS Hoof Scraper Will Change to our Regular Range!

Good news - the prices of our horseshoes will remain stable at the turn of the year. Only the Heavy Duty Shoes will change to our regular range after 4 years in the test area.
The TS hoof scraper has also proved its worth and will be leaving the innovation range. Take advantage of the reduced test prices for orders received by December 26.


TS hoof scraper

The Snow Edition for Winter!

The Snow Edition for Winter!

We are excited to announce the addition of the Snow Edition to our innovation lineup for this winter. It's our special model designed for the cold season, featuring optimized protection against snowballing, quarter clips, and threaded inserts. The Snow Edition will be available in sizes ranging from 114mm to 142mm, in both round and oval shapes, and is specifically designed for use with spikes and/or traction studs. The initial sizes are already available, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and experiences with this product.

Snow Edition

Our Classic now also available in pony sizes!

Our Classic Now also Available in Pony Sizes!

Finally, the time has come – with the HDS, we've grown larger, and now we turn our attention to the tiniest hooves! The pony sizes are our good news for all those who have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity for the smallest ones to benefit from shock-absorbing hoof protection. And when we refer to the smallest hooves, we mean it, as we will "shrink" our shoes down to a size of 50mm. The pony sizes are a special variation of our line of non-metal Classic shoes. They have neither knobs nor nailing slots and are intended solely for glued application.

Pony sizes

New Contact Person in the USA!

New Contact Person in the USA!

We have great news – Kathi and Peter van der Gugten from Equine Hoof Solutions are now the new contact persons in the USA. Kathi has been working with horses for more than 20 years, and Peter spends 4 months each year in the Alps as a trail guide, always using our horseshoes. Both of them are convinced of our products and are ready to assist you with any questions or support you might need. You can find their contact information on our list of distribution partners.

List of distribution partners

Our Nailless now also available in larger sizes!

Our Nailless now also available in larger sizes!

Glued horseshoes become more and more popular and the Nailless is therefore getting bigger. We would like to give you in the future the possibility to use the Nailless also for larger hooves, therefore we will include it up to size 170mm round and 166mm oval in our product range. The new sizes will be added immediately as soon as they have been produced.


Application of our Instant Adhesives without Certificate

Application of our Instant Adhesives without Certificate

The European Commission has changed annex XVII of the REACH regulation (EG) (new no. 74) with the regulation (EU) 2020/1149 which has entered into force as from August 24, 2020. Many farriers are currently unsure which adhesives they may use in the future without a corresponding training and certificate. That's why we have asked our glue vendors about the "diisocyanates" topic: The instant adhesives that are available in our online shop are not affected by the new regulation and you can use them as usual (while respecting the safety information given with the glue).

Instant Adhesives

Reviews and Feedback ✩✩✩✩✩

Reviews and Feedback ✩✩✩✩✩

You are happy with us? In that case, we would be pleased about a 5 star review on Google. Thank you! PS: 4 star reviews are valued as negative reviews by Google.


You are unhappy with us? In that case, please let us know - we want to get better!

Customer Service Team

Packaging Licensing

Packaging Licensing

According to the German Packaging Act, we are licensed with LUCID (Foundation Central for Packaging Registry = Stiftung Zentrale Stelle für Verpackungsregister) and participate in the Dual System "activate" by Reclay in matters of our packaging materials.


A Hoof Protection crafted in Germany - New entries in our online shop

In our online shop, you'll discover an extensive array of products dedicated to hoof protection. Here, you'll encounter not only proven solutions but also ongoing innovations. Even after two decades of company growth and development, our commitment to devising fresh approaches to equine shoeing remains unwavering. The demand for effective hoof protection continues to rise, and we take immense pride in delivering inventive solutions crafted in Germany. Alongside our hoof protection products, you'll also find a comprehensive selection of items essential for both hoof care and the application of our composite horseshoes.

Model Revision

The development of our alternative horse shoe, the “original” composite horseshoe, began more than 20 years ago. And of course, just as in other industries, at some point it is time to incorporate new knowledge and experience into the model making process. Since our early days, we have learned a lot – both through the many years of using the horseshoes on our own horses and through intensive contact with horse owners and farriers. At the same time, our production technology has developed further and many things that would have been unthinkable a decade ago can now be implemented without any problems. From toolmaking and injection molding to storage and shipping – everything takes place at our production facility in the Bavarian Forest in Germany. We started revising our horseshoe models in mid-2020, but unfortunately it is not possible to implement all the planned changes immediately for all models. The changes include, for example, the switch from four rows of knobs on the Extra Plus horseshoe to uniformly two rows of knobs, a slight depression on the hoof side of the horseshoe to relieve the sole, improved positions of the nail holes, a plastic lip on the Extra horseshoes and a new profile solution for the profiled horseshoes. Depending on which model and size you order during the transition period, you will either receive an old version or a revised horseshoe. If you have any questions, please contact the Duplo Team.