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NEW: Welding Practice Kit

Plastic-welding glue-on tabs or extensions to Duplo Horseshoes isn't that complicated; however, for a solid and robust result, you still need a certain practice. In order for you to achieve this routine and so you don't have to use real Duplo Horseshoes for your first attempts, here's a low-cost practice kit with Duplo dummies.

Adjusting the Duplo Horseshoe to the Hoof

How can the horseshoe be adjusted to the individual hoof shape? How can I prevent the horse from losing horseshoes? What's to consider when I use a threaded Duplo model?
further information

NEW: Horseshoes with 190mm!

With larger steps than usual, we're marching towards 20cm! Our HDS models are available in 190mm now.
In the current situation of shortage in material and immense price increases, we have to keep tabs our large range of products. That's why we have decided, after having already produced the size 182mm, to skip the expected size 186mm in favor of horseshoes of 190mm. We are looking forward to your feedback whether you really need 4mm steps in this size area or whether 8mm steps might be sufficient.

New National Distributors in Switzerland

With a mixture of happiness and sadness, we'd like to announce the latest news from Switzerland. After many years of great teamwork, we have to say good-bye to Günther Kolb and Mirjam Moos-Kolb. They are emigrating to Sweden and have transferred their business to Patrik Brunner and Linda Amacher who will take care of the Swiss Duplo customers from August 1, 2021.
We'd like once again to say thank you to Mirjam and Günther for the wonderful cooperation and for their commitment to our product. We wish them the very best for their new start in Sweden! At the same time, we are happy to welcome Linda and Patrik in our international team. During the first few months, Mirjam and Günther will coach them so the transition will be as smooth as possible. We wish them a great start of their new business and we are looking forward to working with them!

EU-VAT E-Commerce Package

Please note that we are obligated to implement the EU-VAT E-Commerce Package as from invoice date July 1, 2021. That means that we have to invoice the VAT of the respective destination country for intra-community deliveries without valid VAT identity number. For example, if a package is to be shipped to Spain, we have to invoice 21% VAT.

Price Adjustment of our Regranulated Duplo Horseshoes

We are very happy that so many of you have already tested our regranulated Standard and Extra horseshoes.
In case of other Innovations products (such as the Duplo Basic, for example), our clients were initially a lot more hesitant. That's why we were pretty surprised by the run on our regranulated shoes! In order to be able to handle the high demand, we have sent further tuns of material to be regranulated "by express".
Unfortunately, we had to note that the current supply difficulties for synthetic material also have an effect on the prices for regranulating. We therefore thank you for your understanding that we have to slightly adjust our prices for the regranulated Duplo horseshoes because of the increased costs for regranulating.

Duplo Sale

In the last years, we have launched several new models at Duplo Innovations. So with the Basic, the Heavy Duty Shoes and now the new mixtures, it's time again to also take a critical look at the existing range.
We have therefore decided to remove the Extra version of the Clipped and Threaded Duplo models with Closed Sole Area of our range. The remaining quantities are now available at a reduced price in the Sale. The offer is valid without right of return and as long as stocks last.

NEW: Mixture Matters!

In the context of Duplo Innovations, we are testing new Duplo models made from new synthetic mixtures. We are looking forward to your opinion!

Duplo Newsletter

Have you read our latest newsletter yet?

NEW: the Duplo Welding Device

Uniform welding seams, a flexible workspace, and saving of time - all of this is possible with our Welding Device. It helps welding color strips as well as all glue-on tabs that are currently available in our online shop.

Price Adjustment in May 2021

In order to optimize our processes, we have introduced some changes in our conditions and pricing policy at the turn of the year. Many of you have already adapted their ordering habits and regularly benefit from our quantity discounts. Thanks to these adjustments, we were able to keep our prices at the turn of the year 2020/2021 despite rising expenses for wages, energy, and transport.
Unfortunately, we haven't remained unaffected by the worldwide impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. Both basic materials of our composite horseshoe have become so much more expensive (almost 40% for steel, about 20% for synthetic material) that we are regrettably unable to maintain our current prices until the end of the year.
Our suppliers have informed us that this trend is going to continue; there is no end of the price increase in sight. We are therefore forced into adjusting our prices by about 10% from May 1, 2021. As always, we would like to offer you a certain time to handle the news instead of just presenting the new facts overnight.

Glueing Instruction for Duplo Horseshoes

There are various glue-on systems available in our online shop. Take a look at our glueing instruction to learn more about their correct application!

New Name but Familiar Quality of the Glue-On Tabs RB-Carbon

The glue-on tabs RB-Carbon "powered by Duplo" were conceived by Wolfgang Busch and Christian Roncassaglia. They have started quite a glue-on boom with our customers! However, the separation of the developing team has forced us to rename the glue-on tabs. They will from now on be available as Glue-On Tabs Wolf Busch in our online shop. But don't worry: Apart from the name, nothing will change! The material used, the complete production and therefore the quality stay the same.

New Conditions 2021

We are going to reform our conditions for the new year into a combined system of basic and quantity prices. All our clients will then be able to benefit from our quantity discounts. For further information, please take a look at our info site and our price list.

New Ways

Dear Duplo Customers,

more than 20 years have passed since the invention of Duplo Composite Horseshoes. During these years, we were mostly concentrated on the production and further development of our products.

Your long-lasting faith and the international success of our product tell us that these decisions were right.

The international competition and the large number of legal obligations and constraints (concerning data protection and the current Covid-19 pandemic, for example) have made it more and more difficult for us to stay competitive with our product.

Did you know that almost every production step – from developing and cutting the metal inlay to injection-molding – is performed in our own company in Germany?

In order to keep the production and the corresponding quality “Made in Germany” as well as a stable price level for our customers during the next years, it is necessary to optimize all processes.

For that reason and with a heavy heart, we have decided to eliminate our bonus point system from 2021 on. Of course, you will receive the bonus points you earned in 2020. However, we would like you to redeem your bonus points before June 30, 2021, and hope for your understanding that the remaining points will not be valid after that date. Please take a look at your invoice or contact our Customer Service Team in order to check on your current amount of bonus points.

We know that these measures are a large first step on our "New Ways" for all of us and we'd like to thank you for your understanding: Only like that, we can avoid raising the prices for our products despite constantly increasing costs for energy and materials and diverse official requirements.

Best wishes,
Hubert Frank & the Duplo Team

Reorganization of our Online Shop

We have made our online shop user-friendlier: You can now see all Duplo Horseshoes at one glance here and select the degree of hardness (Standard/Extra), shape (round/oval/STS) and other features with a few clicks. The mobile view is easier to navigate as well. Have fun exploring!

Corona Virus

We are here for you and your horse even during difficult times!

Extra Horseshoes with Synthetic Lip

Our green Extra horseshoes are currently revised. Depending on which model and which size you order, you'll get a horseshoe with or without synthetic lip - this is also mentioned in each product description. By the way: All STS models are already produced with a synthetic lip.

Packaging Licensing

According to the German Packaging Act, we are licensed with LUCID (Foundation Central for Packaging Registry = Stiftung Zentrale Stelle für Verpackungsregister) and participate in the Dual System "activate" by Reclay in matters of our packaging materials.

Icelandic Horse Competitions

Good news for Duplo enthousiasts with Icelandic Horses: After a test phase of two years, Duplo Composite Horseshoes are accepted at IPZV and FEIF competitions!

Farrier List

Have you seen our farrier list yet? If you are a horse owner, you might find a Duplo expert in your region; if you are a farrier, you can enlarge your customer base with an entry in our list.