There are various catalogs and flyers about Duplo Composite Horseshoes which you can download for free. You can also order the printed version in our online shop.

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Price List 2022 for End Customers

Price List 2022 for Business Customers

Please take a look at our national representatives' websites for local Duplo prices in France, Canada, Switzerland, and the USA.

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Advantages of Duplo Horseshoes

Shoeing Instruction

Abrasion and Durability

Duplo Arizona

Duplo STS

Open-Toed Duplo Horseshoes

Duplo Cast Hooks

Glue-On Tabs Wolf Busch "powered by Duplo"



Duplo Innovations

Mixture Matters!

Duplo Welding Device

Duplo HDS

Duplo PIns

Duplo Templates

Duplo Template (round)

Duplo Template (oval)

Duplo Template (STS)

Safety Information

Safety Information

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