Short Films and Tutorials about our Horseshoes and our Team

On our website, we have comprehensive information about the application of our horseshoes and accessories for you. However, if you prefer watching a film instead of reading text, you're in the right place.

We offer you behind-the-scenes glimpses of our production facility, animations explaining the hoof mechanism, step-by-step tutorials for horseshoe application, and introduce our team to you.

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What Makes our Composite Horseshoes so Special?

In the following videos, we will demonstrate our horseshoe and its function on the horse's hoof, including a glimpse behind the scenes of our production facility in the Bavarian Forest in Germany.

3D animation of hoof anatomy and a composite horseshoe

The function of a composite horseshoe on the hoof.
Video animation.

a freshly manufactured composite horseshoe and a pair of pliers are on the workbench

Behind the scenes:
From plastic granules to a high-tech horseshoe.

a Quarter Horse gelding gallops on a pasture in autumn

Well-being of the horse - the vision behind the development of our alternative, shock-absorbing horseshoes.

Nail-on, Glue-on and Cast Shoe - Application Guides

Our horseshoes provide you with the flexibility to cater to the horse's needs based on hoof shape and situation. They can be applied in the traditional nailed manner or used as nail-less hoof protection.

a composite horseshoe with a reinforced steel border is being nailed onto the hoof

Shoeing instruction for horseshoes with a plastic coating.
Detailed instructions for the nailed application.

an open-toe shoe with adhesive tabs lies on the welding device

A step-by-step guide for the glued application of our composite horseshoes.

an open-toed horseshoe is fixated to the hoof by means of a cast bandage and cast hooks

Stephan Becker (certified master farrier) explains the nailless application of our composite horseshoes using our cast hooks and a cast bandage.

a modified horseshoe with deeper tread pattern

This film shows various options to modify and custom-fit your urethane horseshoe.

remove a horseshoe

The video shows the removal of a nailed and glued shoe as well as a cast shoe.

Accessories for Composite Horseshoes

For ideal hoof protection, sometimes not only the perfect shoeing is necessary but also the right accessories. In the following films, we would like to introduce some of our accessories to you.

the special welding device for alternative glued hoof protection, a baseplate, and Wolf Busch adhesive tabs (soft)

In the video, we demonstrate the assembly and use of our welding device for stable plastic welding seams between your glue-on tabs and the baseplate.

a half-glued and half-nailed wedge shoe on a horse's hoof

Sometimes, a farrier needs to be creative to find the best solution for the horse. In our film, Sandy Frank demonstrates a unique combination: a half-nailed and half-glued wedge shoe to adjust the hoof angle.

an Icelandic horse with alternative horseshoes gallops through deep snow

To protect the threaded inserts from excessive dirt until the application of the studs, we recommend using closing plugs. In the video, we demonstrate how to remove the closure plugs and replace them with studs.

composite and steel shoe with closing plugs to protect the stud holes

In this video, we present our closure plugs.
Our closing plugs are suitable for both our threaded composite shoes as well as traditional steel shoes. They seal the stud hole, protecting it from dirt.

Accessories for Steel Shoes

Since the world is never entirely black or white, and as developers of composite horseshoes, we understand the importance of traditional horseshoes. That's why we also offer appropriate accessories for traditional steel shoes in our product range.

side view of a urethane shock absorbing insole for steel horseshoes

The Protective Insoles (PINs) are shock-absorbing insoles for horseshoes with integrated frog support and our well-known debris guard.

Special Models, Testimonials, and Riding Disciplines - Hoof Protection in Action

At this point, we have some product videos and impressions from satisfied users for you.

view of the large hooves of a Percheron horse pulling a carriage

In this video, we introduce you to the Heavy Duty Shoes - our exceptionally durable and abrasion-resistant composite horseshoes, available up to a size of 198mm.

the hooves of a Percheron horse harnessed in front of a carriage

Even carriage horses can benefit from the shock-absorbing properties of our composite horseshoes. In the video, we take you on a thrilling carriage ride.

a rider on a Paint horse in a riding arena during the summer

In Western riding, sliders on the hind hooves are often combined with plastic shoes on the front hooves.

a rider galloping through the snow on a brown horse

Especially in the winter, additional traction is often needed. In the video, we introduce you to our traction enhancing devices.

a packer lifts the hoof of his pack horse

A testimonial from Norbert Wolff-Baron, a trekking packer and farrier with extensive practical experience.

Behind the Scenes - Our Team

At this point, we would like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes and introduce at least a part of our amazing team. We are proud of all our dedicated employees. Without the many hands in all areas - from tool manufacturing to welding, injection molding production, the warehouse, and various office departments - it would not be possible for us to ship our horseshoes to our customers all over the world.

the customer service team of Duplo Composite Horseshoes in Germany

Our Customer Service Team - your contact persons for your order.

the warehouse team of Duplo Frank in Germany

Our warehouse team - they ensure that you and your horses receive the right horseshoes as quickly as possible.

the manufacturing team of Duplo Frank in Germany

Production Made in Germany - our manufacturing team presents the journey from granules to plastic horseshoes.

Our Official National Representatives

It's always nice to put a face to the voice. In the following videos, we would like to introduce you to our official national representatives and our partners in the USA.

Patrik Brunner and Linda Amacher of Brunner Hufbeschlag

Patrik Brunner and Linda Amacher - the team of Brunner Hufbeschlag is your contact in Switzerland.

Werner and Beate from Marechalerie Reiss

Werner Reiss and Beate Kraemer from Maréchalerie Reiss are on-site for you in France.

Caro Lucas of Lucas Equine Services

Caro Lucas from Lucas Equine Services has many years of professional experience as a farrier. She is your local contact for composite horseshoes in Canada.

Kathryn and Peter van der Gugten of Equine Hoof Solutions

Kathryn and Peter van der Gugten from Equine Hoof Solutions have been with us as customers since our beginnings and now support us as distribution partners in the USA.

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