Duplo Innovations Products

Every new product – no matter whether it is a horseshoe or an accessory article – is thoroughly tested before we include it in our regular assortment. And you can help us!

The products that are still being tested are located in their own category in our online shop: "Duplo Innovations". You can buy these products at a favorable test price, you test them and you can give us a detailed feedback afterwards.

That way, we can use your requests, suggestions, and criticisms to improve our products even more. Only if and when an article has proved its worth in the daily routine, it will be included in our regular range of products.

In the past years, several products have made the cut - the Duplo Basic, for example, and the glue-on tabs Wolf Busch "powered by Duplo". We are looking to the next candidates!

Please note: Duplo Innovations Products are already offered at a reduced introductory price; therefore, there are no scaled prices or business conditions possible.

Pleas note: Innovations products can be returned under the same conditions as regular products.

Take a look at our Innovations Website to learn more!