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product description

Innovations Product at a Reduced Introductory Price!
This product is being developed in the context of Duplo Innovations. Therefore, you can obtain it for an extremely favorable introductory price, test it thoroughly and maybe tell us about your experiences.
Careful: Since the prices of our Innovations products are up to 30 % lower than their future regular prices, there is no further price reduction possible.
Careful: Innovations products can be returned under the same conditions as regular products.
By the way: There are regularly new Innovations products available in our Online Shop - come and take a look!

We have been wondering how to combine the advantages of a conventional horseshoe with those of a Duplo Composite Horseshoe in order to get the best result for the well-being of the horse while facilitating your daily work as farrier. Our new Duplo Protective Insoles (PIns) are the outcome!

When you use them on a conventionally shoed hoof, they provide, above all, support for the frog and shock absorbance.

The PIns are produced with the well-tried Duplo elastic rim which which considerably reduces the accumulation of snow, sand and debris. The PIns can therefore be used as integrated Snow Grip! Thanks to the anatomical bevel, there is no pressure on the hoof sole.

As with our horseshoes, the precise fit of the PIns is very important to us. The various insoles are prefabricated to fit the various metal horseshoes so you can simply place the insole on the horseshoe. If necessary, you can adjust the PIns' shape with an angle grinder. Done!

Every Protective Insole is made specifically for one horseshoe. The first model of our PIns is ideal for Kerckhaert Comfort horseshoes.

If you like this concept, let us know – we can make PIns for other horseshoes as well!

Take a look at our Innovations Website to learn more!