Conditions 2021

Many small orders are one of the factors that puts a lot of pressure on us as well as on the environment. Luckily, our horseshoes aren't perishable; they even get more durable when stocked for a longer time. That's why we have converted our conditions for 2021 into a combined system of basic prices and scaled prices. All customers can now benefit from our quantity discounts. Farriers, vets and resellers receive special business conditions.

Quantity Discount

The following table roughly shows the current quantity scales. Potential changes will be published in the current price list and in our online shop. In case of discrepancy, the information in our online shop is valid.

Product Scale 1 Scale 2
Duplo Horseshoes, Wedges, Cast Hooks, Duplo Glue-On Tabs, Color Strips, Modification Accessories 20 pieces or more
per size
Glue-On Tabs Wolf Busch "powered by Duplo" 20 pairs or more
per size
Instant Adhesive, Screw Retention, Multifoam (Hoof Cleaner) 10 bottles or more
per article
Spike Adapter, diverse Stud Tools, Cast Bandages 10 pieces or more
per article
Studs, Spikes, Stud Blanks (thread protection), Speedies (drive-in studs) 200 pieces or more
per size
500 pieces or more
per size
Plugs (thread protection) 20 packages or more
per size
100 packages or more
per size
Hoof Nails 6 packages or more
per size
Hoof Rasps 6 rasps or more
per model

Value-Added Tax

Please note that we are obligated to implement the EU-VAT E-Commerce Package since July 1, 2021. That means that we have to invoice the VAT of the respective destination country for intra-community deliveries without valid VAT identity number. For example, if a package is to be shipped to Spain, we have to invoice 21% VAT.


  • Within Germany and the EU, you can pay by prepayment or PayPal; your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment. From your second order on and when we have received your signed SEPA mandate, you can also pay by SEPA Direct Debit.
  • Orders from third countries can only be paid by prepayment or PayPal; your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Shipping Charges

  • Within Germany, there is a shipping charge of 5.80 EUR net for orders of less than 100.00 EUR net.
  • Within the EU, there is a shipping charge of 15.00 EUR net for orders of less than 100.00 EUR net.
  • The shipping charges for orders from third countries depend on expenses. Please visit our info site for more details.


Please visit our info site for more details about reshipments.

  • Reshipments and replacements within the EU are possible within 3 months if the returned products are current models in good order and condition.
  • Every reshipment must contain a copy of your invoice. In case of reshipments without accompanying papers, we will charge a handling fee of 5.00 EUR net.
  • Discontinued models that were acquired at reduced prices cannot be returned.

Conditions for Business Customers

  • You send us a copy of your business registration. In order to benefit from the business conditions, your business must deal with trimming, shoeing equipment, riding equipment etc., or you are a vet or similar.
  • You receive our business price list.
  • You benefit from quantity discount.
  • Duplo Innovations Products are already offered at a reduced introductory price; therefore, there is no further price reduction possible.
  • The retail price and the shipping charges are at your own discretion.
  • There is no territory protection.
Price Lists

Price List for End Customers

Price List for Business Customers

We are looking forward to work together with you and we are at your disposition if you have any further questions!

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Latest Update: 2021-08-28