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product description

The Snow Edition – a Horseshoe Specially Designed for the Cold Season

Our clipped and threaded Snow Edition features an optimized protection against snowballing, can be used with cleats/studs and is, of course, made of the slightly softer synthetic material used in our Standard horseshoes.

Especially with ice and snow, riding can become a slippery affair. The challenges for winter shoeing are quite diverse.

  • The synthetic material must be hard enough to be abrasion-resistant when there is no snow, yet it should also be soft enough not to become too rigid and slippery at lower temperatures.
  • A horseshoe for the cold season should efficiently prevent dangerous snowballing under the hoof.
  • A winter horseshoe, regardless of the material used, should be capable of being equipped with additional traction enhancing devices like quick studs (aka spikes) or cleats to make your ride safer.
  • In an ideal scenario, the traction enhancing devices can be applied retroactively when the horse is already shoed. Because, especially during a shoeing appointment in November, one must already consider the winter conditions, even though the additional traction may not be immediately necessary everywhere during the transition between seasons.

We are introducing our Snow Edition to address these challenges. We hope that our optimized protection against the snow balling up can meet not only our expectations but also yours, providing even better protection against the dangerous snowballing than our regular models. We are looking forward to your feedback. You can share your experiences with us and other horse owners and farriers through the Reviews function.

Rider without a saddle in a snowy landscape

Please note: The Snow Edition has been designed for use with spikes and/or cleats and should not be used without additional traction devices.

Horseshoeing in the Cold Season – Photos

clipped and threaded horseshoe to use with cleats

The Snow Edition with optimized snowballing protection is available in sizes ranging from 114mm to 142mm in both front and hind pattern.

clipped and threaded synthetic horseshoe to prevent snowballing and metal closing plugs

During the period leading up to the permanent use of the cleats, you should close the threaded inserts with suitable closing plugs.

clipped and threaded horseshoe with traction devices

We recommend a combination of spikes and cleats for the cold season. The Snow Edition should not be used without additional traction enhancing devices.

anti-skid cleats for alternative horseshoes with synthetic sheath and threaded holes

We usually recommend our 4mm anti-skid cleats for use in combination with the Snow Edition. In our opinion, the 6mm version should only be used when there is a sufficient snow cover.

softer glue-on tab for a glued horseshoe in the cold season

The soft version of the Wolf Busch glue-on tabs has been developed for the use during colder temperatures. You can find more details about the unique features of the soft version in its article description.

Hooves of an Icelandic horse fitted with alternative horseshoes featuring a synthethic coating and threaded for horse cleats in snowy conditions

Until now, our Standard clipped and threaded horseshoe has been informally referred to as the "winter horseshoe". We are curious to see who comes out on top – the Snow Edition from the Innovations test range or our regular clipped and threaded version.

Application Guide and Security Information – Video

The Snow Edition is primarily aimed at leisure riders who want to stay active with their horses even in icy and snowy conditions. Therefore, it is important for us to point out the dangers that also our Snow Edition with additional traction enhancing devices cannot completely eliminate!

With ice and snow, there can always be situations where the horse starts to slip. Icy roads, snowdrifts, ice patches, and so on – all of these pose risks to both the horse and the rider, which cannot always be completely prevented, especially when riding off-road but of course also on the premises of the stable.

Please keep this in mind while riding and even when leading the horse, and always adjust your speed to the ground, temperature, and weather conditions. Our goal is to provide you with the best products to equip you for winter conditions, but the gait, speed, and ultimately the choice of a safe trail are the responsibility of the rider.

You can find comprehensive instructions for both nailed and glued application of our horseshoes in the FAQ section → instructions, and, of course, in the article description of the glue-on products.

a farrier holds a composite shoe to the hoof to check the size and fit

Shoeing for the Cold Season

Since one can never predict when winter will arrive and how much snow will fall, it's a good idea to keep all options open for the optimal winter shoeing.

You can initially equip the Snow Edition with spikes and retrofit the anti-slip cleats when needed. Of course, it's also possible to use cleats from the beginning and add additional spikes if the shoe is already on the hoof.

Here's a tip we'd like to offer at this point: When shoeing, consider closing the threaded inserts with a closing plug. This way, the threaded inserts will be protected from dirt already during the first ground contact.

If you choose to use the Snow Edition with spikes but without cleats, it is highly advisable to consistently seal the threaded inserts with a closing plug to shield them from excessive dirt. This helps to maintain the stability of the shoe in the area of the threaded inserts to prevent unwanted pressure on the hoof.

As the name suggests, the Snow Edition has been specially designed for use in snowy conditions. It was designed for those who encounter problems with snow balling up under the horseshoe. We anticipate that the Snow Edition, when used without additional traction devices, may be slipperier than our other models. We strongly advise against using the Snow Edition without additional traction enhancing devices like spikes and cleats. Please always consider our safety guidelines for every use of our products and be aware of the risks when riding in winter conditions.

Horse Cleats - Additional Protection Against Slipping

The Snow Edition provides horse owners with the option to screw in anti-slip cleats into the threaded holes once winter arrives.

Screwing in the horse cleats is quickly done with a matching hex key - provided that you have protected the threaded inserts with a suitable closing plug up to the application of the cleats.

To protect the threaded inserts until the insertion of the appropriate horse cleats, we recommend using our closing plugs.

For a clearer demonstration, we have provided a brief video for you.

Video for Installing Horse Cleats in the Alternative Horseshoe.

Video: Replacing Closing Plugs with Horse Cleats

Steinel Hot Air Gun with Reduction Nozzle and Spike for Synthethic Horseshoes

Spikes - the Tungsten Carbide Pins of a Composite Horseshoe

Our spikes are another way to equip the Snow Edition with additional protection against slipping.

They resemble the tungsten carbide pins on a steel horseshoe and can be screwed into the synthetic material coating using the appropriate adapter. Both the spikes and the matching adapter are available in two different sizes.

Especially when it's very cold, it can be helpful to slightly heat the spike before screwing it in.

Product Features

The Snow Edition provides optimized protection against snow balling. However, we cannot guarantee that snow accumulations can be avoided at all times. Based on the product design, we anticipate that this model should offer enhanced protection against the dangerous snow balling, especially in slushy snow conditions that tend to accumulate and freeze underneath the horseshoe. Of course, in theory, one can never precisely predict what ultimately happens in practice, as various factors come into play.

Model clipped and threaded Snow Edition to use with spikes and/or cleats
Product Range Innovations range, available at test prices
Brand Duplo
Article Number S140, S141
Function (alternative) hoof protection, shock absorption, stimulation of the hoof mechanism, winter horseshoe, grip, use with traction enhancing devices, better protection against snowballing
Essential Accessories The Snow Edition should not be used without additional traction enhancing devices in the form of spikes or cleats. In general, you must adjust your speed to the surface and ride at reduced speeds on slippery terrain, for example.
Use with Spikes Without Cleats If you use the horseshoe with spikes but without cleats until the onset of winter, remember to seal the threaded inserts with a closing plug.
Risk of Injuries in Herds Spikes and cleats always carry an additional risk of injury - please also refer to our safety guidelines in this regard.
Threaded Inserts for Cleats two M8 threads in the heel area
Cleat Change The Snow Edition is not suitable for stud changes.
Cleats recommended height: 4mm with disc
conditionally usable: 6mm with disc
Clipped Horseshoe The clips facilitate the nailing and adjustment. They help prevent the shoe from twisting or shifting on the hoof during the regular shoeing period.
Season winter
Temperature The Snow Edition was designed for use during the cold season.
Riding Styles and Disciplines The Snow Edition was primarily designed for those facing difficulties with snow balling up.
Not intented for extreme stress in disciplines like show jumping, hunting, eventing, driving, skijöring and endurance.
Horse Breeds a.o. Warmblood, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Haflinger, Icelandic, Arabian, Friesian, Andalusian, Hanoverian
Shoeing nail-on, glue-on, cast
Shoeing Instruction can be found under FAQ → Instructions
Security Information can be found under FAQ → Security Information
Made in Germany
Available Shapes round / oval
Sizes Round Shape 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm
Sizes Oval Shape 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm
Size Interval in 4mm steps
Sizing Based on the shape of the hoof and the widest part of the hoof (after appropriate hoof treatment) or, in a pinch, also based on the horseshoe size that has fit so far. In the section FAQ → Sizes and Shapes, you will find a free template.
Hardness Degrees Standard
Weight depending on the size from 350g up to 380g
Length depending on the size - for details please visit FAQ → Sizes and Shapes
Width the respective size in mm
Thickness 15mm
Knob Arrays The knobs are impressed into the weight-bearing surface of the hoof wall and help the horseshoe keep its position on the hoof.
Solid Metal Core The metal core contributes to the durability of the shoe and helps avoid unwanted pressure on the hoof.
Synthethic Cover The soft synthethic cover has a shock-absorbing effect.
Debris Guard The molded synthetic lip acts like a debris guard (similar to a snow grip) and reduces the amount of snow and debris balling up.
Nailing Slots 8 nailings slots are integrated into the metal core
Nail Size the ideal nail size varies depending on the hoof situation and size - you can find a general recommendation in our store at the hoof nails
Bar made of Synthethic Material can improve the blood circulation of the hoof
Sole Area The open sole design offers breathability to the hoof sole and the frog.
Hoof Mechanism The flexible synthetic material encourages the mobility of the elastic hoof structures.
Adjustment to the Hoof with an angle grinder, belt grinder, nippers or toeing knife
(at your own discretion)
more/less narrow or wide (always considering the position of the threaded inserts), into a horseshoe with closed sole area
Toe Rocker you may bend or grind a toe rocker
Accessories a.o. glueing products, accessories for modification, anti-skid cleats, spikes, closing plugs, screw retention
Packaging Unit sold in pieces
Exchange and Return Possible under certain preconditions within 3 months within the EU.
For returns from outside the EU please contact the Customer Service Team.
For further details please look at FAQ → Service & Conditions.


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