Glue-on Tabs Wolf Busch "powered by Duplo"

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product description

The glue-on tabs Wolf Busch "powered by Duplo" consist of two components; they are easy to apply and very durable.

Size of the Duplo Horseshoe Size of the Glue-On Tabs
98-114mm (3.9-4.5in.) 3
114-134mm (4.5-5.3in.) 4
134-162mm (5.3-6.4in.) 5

further information

Careful: This article is being sold in pairs! One unit consists of one left and one right glue-on tab. This is sufficient for one hoof.

New Name, Familiar Quality
The glue-on tabs RB-Carbon "powered by Duplo" were conceived by Wolfgang Busch and Christian Roncassaglia. They have started quite a glue-on boom with our customers! However, the separation of the developing team has forced us to rename the glue-on tabs. They will from now on be available as Glue-On Tabs Wolf Busch in our online shop. But don't worry: Apart from the name, nothing will change! The material used, the complete production and therefore the quality stay the same.

Clipped Horseshoes
If you want to use a horseshoe with quarter clips, cut between the largest and the second largest glue-on tab. Place the largest tab in the toe area in front of the quarter clip, the two smaller tabs behind the quarter clip.
If there isn't enough room in the toe area and the two tabs overlap, you can switch the left and right toe tab.

Soft Glue-On Tabs for Lower Temperatures and Irregular Hoof Walls
We have developed and tested a new version of our well-tried glue-on tabs Wolf Busch. In addition to the easily glueable elastomer, the soft version consists of a softer material that nestles up against irregularly shaped hoof walls and is easy to handle in case of winterly temperatures.
Please note: Of course, you can also use the glue-on tabs Wolf Busch "soft" in the summer. However, because of the more flexible material, you shouldn't use them for hooves that turn or shove a lot. We don't recommend them if the connection between hoof and horseshoe is particularly strained by sheering movements (e.g. in case of show jumping).

Recommendation: The one-part adhesives recommended by Wolf Busch are also available in our online shop!

By the way: The Glue-On Tabs Wolf Busch "powered by Duplo" were developed in the context of Duplo Innovations. Take a look - there are regularly new products available for a favorable introductory price!

Latest Update: 2021-11-15