edding® Permanent Markers

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product description

edding® Permanent Marker

We have mentioned it many times - we want to provide you with as many products, tools, and accessories as possible that you need for the application of our horseshoes. Of course, this also includes permanent markers. We have chosen two models from edding® that we have tested on our horseshoes.

edding® retract 11

We ourselves were not yet familiar with this particular edding®, which reminds of a ballpoint pen in its handling, when we discussed suitable permanent markers with the customer service team from edding®. Especially when it comes to horseshoeing, we find it very helpful not to have to constantly remove and replace the cap and then search for it later somewhere in your farrier toolbox. The push-button mechanism allows for quick and convenient one-handed operation on the horse.

Marking the hoof shape on a composite horseshoe with a retractable Permanent Marker 11 from edding.

edding® 21 EcoLine

We have chosen this model because we particularly appreciate its sustainability aspect. With the edding® 21 EcoLine, at least 90% of the plastic parts are made from recycled materials (83% post-consumer plastics).

Drawing the hoof shape on a composite horseshoe with a Permanent Marker 21 EcoLine from edding.

Product Features - edding® Permanent Markers

Article edding® Permanent Marker
Item Number edding® 11 retract: ZE11
edding® 21 EcoLine: ZE21
Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet edding® 11 retract
Safety Data Sheet edding® 21 EcoLine
Special Feature edding® 11 retract: Push Button Mechanism - no cap gets lost.
edding® 21 EcoLine: Plastic parts made from at least 90% recycled material (83% post-consumer plastics).
Applicable on paper, cardboard, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, metal/steel/iron, concrete/stone, ceramic, terracotta, leather, polystyrene, foils
Color black
Tip Type round tip
Line Width 1,5-3 mm
Refillable yes
Ink Features Permanent. Abrasion-resistant. Smudge-proof. Low odor. Quick-drying.
Packaging Unit in pieces
Exchange and Return Possible under certain preconditions within 3 months within the EU.
For returns from outside the EU please contact the Customer Service Team.
For further details please look at FAQ → Service & Conditions.
Shipment worldwide; deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are carried out by our our country representatives


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