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Order Transactions
If you prefer placing your order by fax or by e-mail rather than using our online shop or if you have questions about payment methods, shipping costs or the availability of our products, contact our office team. We are looking forward to answering questions and solving problems all around your order transaction.

Office Team

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Orthopedic and Therapeutic Consulting
Stephan Becker successfully completed his training as veterinary-technical assistant at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover (Germany); he also acquired his license for radiographical examinations there. He is a certified and registered farrier and official farrier of the Veterinary Clinic Isernhagen (Germany). The focus of his work is the treatment of lameness and deformed hooves. As instructor of the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic and the Hanoverian Society, Stephan Becker teaches horseshoeing in Germany and the USA.

If you have questions about the orthopedic or therapeutic application of Duplo Composite Horseshoes, Stephan Becker is looking forward to answering them. Please write an e-mail with your name and your phone number - Stephan Becker is going to call you back and discuss all details.


Laminitis Consulting
Wolfgang Busch is a certified and registered farrier and he has been involved in the orthopedic treatment of laminitis hooves in theory and practice for more than 20 years. In several studies, he has examined the forces that influence the laminitis hoof and the measures which best support the hoof. With this knowledge and many experiences from the daily work with laminitis horses, Wolfgang Busch has developped the Open Toe Duplo Horseshoes.

If you have questions about the Open Toe Duplo Horseshoe and about its correct application in case of laminitis, Wolfgang Busch is looking forward to answering them.

Latest Update: 2018-10-08