Composite Horseshoes in Western Riding — Testimonial

The Advantages of the Concussion Absorption Powers of the Urethane Cover in Western Riding

Many of our customers ask whether it is possible to shoe a horse only "half", i.e. for example only on the front hooves with our composite shoes. This is a particularly acute issue in Western riding, as sliders are often used here, especially for Reining horses.

Dr. Martin Pauli is a veterinarian and for over 20 years has been breeding Quarter Horses, Arabians and Quarabs. He is a multiple European Champion in "Western Pleasure" and "Reining". The owner and manager of the MP-Stables in Waldkirchen is responsible for breeding, rearing, training and corrective riding as well as training in Western riding. On his Quarter Horse stallion he shows that it is possible to shoe a horse with different types of horseshoes, it becomes clear that our shoes with synthetic cover are also very suitable for Western horses.

The Quarter Horse stallion "Flying Malcolm" combines Composite Horseshoes on the front hooves with conventional sliding horseshoes on the hind hooves.

That way, horse and rider benefit from the advantages of both concepts:

  • The flat sliders without any profile facilitate spectacular sliding stops.
  • Thanks to the urethane horseshoes with metal core, the movements of the forehand can be improved at the same time; also, the risk of injuring the coronary band (for example during a spin) is considerably reduced.

Quarterhorse hooves with plastic shoeing on the front and sliders on the hind hooves
Video: Composite Horseshoes in Western Riding

Composite Shoeing in Western Riding

Testimonial as Video

As we all know, a picture says more than 1000 words - we think a video is even better.
For this reason we have edited some sequences of Dr. Martin Pauli on Flying Malcom - it shows the use of our composite shoes in combination with sliders and thus answers the question whether it is possible to shoe a horse e.g. with a composite shoe on the front and with e.g. sliders on the hind hooves.

Alternative Hoof Protection for Western Horses - Photos

Quarterhorse stallion with composite shoeing and sliders.
black quarter stallion on the rundown with alternative hoof protection and sliders
Quarter stallion in spin with urethane horseshoe with metal core also known as hybrid horseshoes on the front hooves and sliders on the hind hooves
Hooves of a quarter horse in the spin - the front hooves are shod with alternative horseshoes with a urethane cover
Quarterhorse in spin - synthetic horseshoes with metal inlay on the front, sliders on the hind hooves
Quarter in spin shod with hybrid shoes on the front hooves and sliders on the back hooves
black Quartehorse stallion on the pasture with composite horseshoes
Quarterhorse stallion with plastic horseshoes with solid metal inlay
Western horse with plastic shoes and sliders

Product Recommendations for Western Riders resp. Western Riding Disciplines

clipped composite horseshoe

Especially in the Western disciplines, when for example in Barrel Racing tight turns are ridden at high speed, we recommend to use a clipped horseshoe for a nailed application. Buy our bestseller directly in our online store.

plastic horseshoe with more aggressive profile

Western horses often move a lot out on the trails. Here, as in hiking, it is often useful to use a horseshoe with a more aggressive profile. Our partner in Canada therefore likes to use our clipped and profiled horseshoes.

Basic - low-priced urethane horseshoe with solid metal inlay

A lower priced alternative is the Basic. For this model, among other things, we do not galvanize the metal parts. For this reason, we can offer the Clipped and Profiled Basic Horseshoe at a lower price.

Latest Update: 2023-04-25
Fotos of Dr. Martin Pauli: Anne Ramming, Hippografie