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product description

Bring Color to the Hoof with Our Colored Plastic Strips

Would you like to add some color to the mix and brighten up your horseshoe a bit? In that case, we have the perfect product for you.

The hind hooves of a horse are shod, the horseshoes are combined with pink and green color strips

Our colored plastic strips are available in green, yellow, pink, and orange. The colored strips can be combined with any horseshoe from our range. They are suitable for use with both nailed and glued horseshoes.

If you are interested in a glue-on shoe, you will be thrilled by our Wolf Busch® glue-on tabs because they are also available in various colors.

Colorful Horseshoes — Photos

Color strips in green, yellow, pink and green for horseshoes with plastic coating are on a metal plate

The following colors are available: yellow, green, orange, and pink.

A hoof with a glue-on horseshoe, featuring pink glue-on tabs and pink colored strips

Not only our colored plastic strips add more color to the hoof, but also the Wolf Busch® glue-on tabs.

Horseshoe with plastic coating, welded with an orange strip, is adjusted to the hoof using a belt grinder

Finalization: Round the edges of the strip in the same way you would round the edge of the horseshoe.

an orange colored strip is welded to a composite horseshoe using a special device

Our welding device is also excellently suited for attaching the colored strips.

an orange colored strip is welded to a composite horseshoe using a hot air gun

Plastic welding our colored plastic strips onto a horseshoe is, of course, also possible without our welding device.

a farrier wears cut-resistant gloves and checks the fit of the horseshoe before shoeing it onto the hoof

The plastic shoe adorned with colored plastic strips can be nailed or glued onto the hoof according to preference.

Instructions for Use and Safety Information — Video

Please observe the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer of your hot air gun when welding and take all necessary safety precautions. This includes, along with your personal protective equipment and good workplace organization, adequate ventilation when welding with plastics. Ideally, work outdoors.

Welding Instruction

The colored strips are plastic welded to the rear edge of the horseshoe using hot air.

First, fit the horseshoe to the hoof as usual. However, keep in mind that the colored strip extends the horseshoe backward. Take a moment to watch our short video on plastic welding a colored strip onto a horseshoe.

Plastic Welding Colored Strips onto a Horseshoe Using our Welding Device

  1. Mark the position of the colored strip on the horseshoe.
  2. Heat the horseshoe and colored strip simultaneously. Once the material begins to shine, slowly unroll the horseshoe and push the colored strip evenly forward (see video).
  3. Allow the horseshoe to cool after welding.
  4. Round off the edges of the colored strip as you would normally work on the horseshoe itself.
Welding colored plastic strips onto a composite horseshoe

Application Instructions — Colored Strips

Plastic Welding Colored Strips onto a Horseshoe Without a Welding Device

  1. Mark the position of the colored strip on the horseshoe.
  2. Place the colored strip on a non-flammable surface and position the horseshoe at the marked location.
  3. Heat the starting point of the horseshoe and the colored strip until the plastic begins to shine.
  4. Slowly but steadily roll the horseshoe onto the colored strip with light pressure. Make sure both products are heated evenly.
  5. Allow the horseshoe to cool after welding.
  6. Round off the edges of the colored strip as you would normally work on the horseshoe itself.

Product Features

Article Colored Plastic Strips
Brand Duplo
Article Number pink: 000000
orange: 000001
yellow: 000002
green: 000003
Function applying color to the hoof, beautifying the composite horseshoe/plastic shoe, minimal extension of a horseshoe
Security Advice can be found under FAQ → Safety Information.
Also, please observe the safety instructions of the hot air gun being used.
Made in Germany
Length 203mm
Width 15mm
Height 3mm
Accessories hot-air gun with reduction nozzle, welding device
Packaging Unit by the piece
Quantity Discount from 20 pieces per color (article number)
Exchange and Return Possible under certain preconditions within 3 months within the EU;
for returns from outside the EU please contact our Customer Service Team.
For further details please look at our section FAQ → Service & Conditions.
Shipment worldwide; deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are carried out by our our country representatives

Tips and Tricks

At this point, we would like to provide you with some additional information regarding the application of our colored strips.

Extend a Horseshoe with Colored Plastic Strips

Naturally, the colorful plastic strips primarily serve aesthetic purposes and personalizing the horseshoe design. By combining them with colored Wolf Busch® glue-on tabs, you can add an extra touch of color to the hoof, enhancing its overall appearance.

But colored strips are not always just about appearance! We have also heard of cases where they have been used to minimally extend a horseshoe. The colored strips, with a thickness of about 3mm, can be helpful for minor adjustments to the horseshoe.

If you need to modify the horseshoe more extensively, our extensions might help you.

pony hooves with a glue-on horseshoe that has been extended with a pink colored strip
pink colored strips and a plastic horseshoe for ponies

Colored Strips and Pony Horseshoes

The colored strips are suitable for adding a bit more color to all horseshoes from size 98mm.

For the smallest horseshoes among our range, they are unfortunately not suitable without manual adjustments. The reason is that the horseshoes for the very small hooves are thinner than the regular horseshoes. The exact thickness for each horseshoe size can be found in the product description of the horseshoes.


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