Anti-Skid Studs

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product description

The screw threads of the regular Duplo models are located in the heel area and fixated in the synthetic material. The studs improve the anti-skid-protection on slippery terrain.

further information

Stud Shape
All anti-skid studs are hexagonal studs with disk.
Exception: The 6mm/M8 version is a square stud with disk.

Recommendation: If you are not planning to remove the studs, you can add a drip of screw retention or superglue to the screw threads before screwing the studs into the horseshoe.

Please note: Anti-skid studs are not appropriate for the use in Duplo Horseshoes with ring-shaped metal inlay.
When you use regular Duplo models, we do not recommend constantly changing the studs or using higher studs. For these purposes, Duplo models with ring-shaped metal inlay are more appropriate.