Bavarian Forest Pony - a Wooden Horse for Garden and Playground

Text and images: FreyStil GmbH

Slides, climbing frames and swing sets are usually too large for a small garden - and mostly not that nice to look at. Take a look at the Bavarian Forest Ponies "Fanny" and "Vroni" instead - they hardly need any lawn at all for many open-air adventures. The wooden horses are made from solid Douglas fir by a carpenter in Lower Bavaria and assembled by handicapped craftsmen. The GS seal from Tüv-Süd (Technical Inspection Authority) guarantees that the products are suitable for children.

There are two further friendly fellows - "Wildfang" and "Xavi". They are extremely robust and especially appropriate for playschools and playgrounds. They are certified with GS & DIN EN 1176 by Tüv-Süd (Technical Inspection Authority).

There are two sizes of Bavarian Forest Ponies: "Vroni" and "Xavi" are 5.8 hands high (about 59 cm); even small children can play at eye level and gain their first climbing experiences. "Fanny" and "Wildfang" are 8.6 hands high (about 89 cm); they are attractive fellows even for teenagers.

Bavarian Forest Ponies want their hooves to be dry; also, sensitive surfaces should be protected. That's why they are "shoed" when they are delivered - with their own little horseshoe model which has been developped especially for wooden horses!

Bavarian Forest Pony

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