Blacksmith Hoof Stand (pink)

Product.Nr.: ZB32PI

Manufacturer/Brand: Blacksmith

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  • Color: pink

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product description

Bare Hoof Trimming and Finishing with the Hoof Stand

A hoof stand is a tool no farrier can do without. Whether you want to trim a bare hoof or finish a newly shoed hoof: a reliable, non-rocking hoof stand makes your life easier.

The requirements in a good hoof stand are quickly listed. In our opinion, it should

  • offer secure fixation
  • be easy to lift
  • be compact and not too awkwardly shaped
  • be durable
  • be adjustable in its height
  • offer comfort for the horse and therefore reduce the strain on the farrier or his assistant
Hoof Stand with Synthetic Base - Details

The synthetic base of the Blacksmith hoof stand offers a robust, tilt-resistant stand with very little weight. The solid hoof stand comes with a front hoof attachment and a hind hoof attachment, a large magnet and a locking screw. The height of the attachments is continuously adjustable from about 35.5cm (14in) to 56cm (22in).

Please observe the usual safety precautions when using the hoof stand.


Blacksmith Foot Stand with Black Plastic Base

The black version of the hoof stand.

All Available Colors of the Blacksmith Foot Stand.

The hoof stand is available in 5 colors.

Solid Welding Seams for Your Glue-On Shoe - you can Achieve them Anywhere with Your Welding Device Placed in your Foot Stand!

Our Standard Welding Device can be combined with the hoof stand.

Product Features

Model Synthetic Hoof Stand
Brand Blacksmith
Article Number ZB32BL, ZB32GE, ZB32GR, ZB32RO, BR32SC
Function hoof stand, combinable with our welding device, trimming
Diameter Base 445mm (17.5in)
Height Base 330mm (13in)
Adjustable Height (front hoof attachment) 355mm to 560mm (14in to 22in)
Adjustable Height (hind hoof attachment) 355mm to 560mm (14in to 22in)
Weight Base 3.5kg
Weight Front Hoof Attachment 0.6kg
Weight Hind Hoof Attachment 0.7kg
Colors black, red, green, yellow, blue
Made in Italy
Packaging Unit sold in pieces
Exchange and Return possible under certain preconditions within 3 months within the EU; for further details please look at FAQ → FAQ
Shipment worldwide; deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are carried out by our national representatives

Tipps und Tricks:

The Blacksmith hoof stand can be combined with our standard welding device. The advantage of the welding device in combination with the hoof stand is that you are flexible in choosing your work place for the welding process and can perfectly adjust to the conditions on the spot.

Welding Glue-On Tabs with an Alternative Hoof Protection by means of the Welding Device


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