Fiber Discs and Backing Pad

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Simply grinding instead of exhaustingly rasping? The Pferd Combiclick system facilitates the farrier's work a lot - particularly in case of hard hooves in summer. We are also impressed by the awesome Finish at the end of the process. And with some practice, you can grind very plain surfaces - an important requirement for the ideal fit and durability of the horseshoe.

Many horses also like the new system. Older folks in particular, who may suffer from arthrosis, are happy if hoof and joints aren't strained by rasping. In addition, trimming takes a lot less time.

Please note: The horse must be easy-going in view of grinding! Some horses are irritated by the sound or the wind of the angle grinder below their stomach.

Attention: Please always have another person hold the horse's tail when you're trimming the hind hooves! Otherwise, the angle grinder may get caught in the tail if the horse reacts to a fly, for example.

Thanks to special cooling slots, the Combiclick system is also great for grinding Duplo Horseshoes and adjusting them to the hoof shape without the synthetic material getting too hot.

The Combiclick fiber discs can be combined with standard angle grinders by means of the appropriate Combiclick backing pad (please order separately!). That way, changing tools is easy and comfortable. The fiber discs are durable and convince with their cool grinding and their consistent surface finish.

Please note: The Combiclick fiber discs can only be used in combination with the appropriate Combiclick backing pad.

Latest Update: 2021-10-25


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