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product description

The Perfect Hand Abrasive for Fine-Grinding on the Hoof

Our goal is that you can use our online shop to buy as many products as possible that you need for the application of our horseshoes.

If you want to use adhesive shoeing, it is necessary to roughen the hoof wall before gluing. For this purpose, you need a hand abrasive. In order to be able to offer you a suitable product, we have looked at the various hand abrasives - from the very flexible but rather unmanageable sandpaper to an abrasive sponge with a flexible foam core to a sanding block with a somewhat more stable foam core.

Our preferred choice is the Klingspor sanding block. We feel that a somewhat more solid abrasive block feels better in the hand than the regular sandpaper or the sanding sponge. Of course, this is always a matter of opinion.

Abrasive block in the hand of the farrier

Working with the Abrasive Block

We recommend that after the bare hoof treatment, when all adjustments to the shoe have been completed, you to make the final preparations on the hoof. This includes roughening the hoof wall with a sandpaper or abrasive sponge. We recommend using an abrasive with a grain size of 80 to 120. After roughening, you should degrease the inside of the adhesive collar and the hoof wall below the coronet band. You can also buy a cleaning spray for degreasing in our online store.


Abrasive block and farrier tools

The advantage of an abrasive block as well as an abrasive sponge is that they have four usable sides. In our opinion, they are somewhat more handy than the normal abrasive paper.

Sanding block and farrier tools

You can buy the sanding block in 3 different grits from us. We prefer the 80 grain for working on the horse's hoof.

Abrasive block used on the horse's hoof

Whether you choose a sanding block or sanding sponge, they are generally suitable for for the preparation for gluing and also for a beautiful finish after shoeing.

Application and Safety Instructions for Adhesive Horseshoes - VIDEO

Please observe the safety instructions for the application of all our products as well as for the adhesive that you use for your glued horseshoe. The safety instructions are intended for both the farrier and the horse owner / rider.

Gluing Instruction

Since the sanding block is mainly used in the area of glued hoof protection, we would like to recommend our video with step-by-step gluing instructions at this point. You will also see the step of roughening the hoof wall before gluing - in the video, however, still with the help of a sandpaper instead of the more solid sanding block.

When it came to adding a hand-held abrasive to our line, we looked at both abrasive sponges with a flexible foam core as well as an abrasive block with a somewhat sturdier and more stable foam core. We found working with the sanding block very pleasant and have therefore included it in our range of products.

Video: Glue-on Tabs Wolf Busch powered by Duplo

Glue-on Tabs Wolf Busch® "powered by Duplo"

Product Features

Model abrasive block
Additional Title grinding block, sanding block
Brand Klingspor
Article Number ZSK080, ZSK100, ZSK120
Function for roughening the hoof wall before adhesive shoeing
Grain Type aluminium oxide
Grits 80, 100, 120; four usable sides
Core solid foam inlay
Width 100mm
Length 70mm
Height 25mm
Weight 18g
made in China
Packaging Unit sold in pieces
Quantity Discount from 10 pieces per grit (article no.)
Exchange and Return possible under certain preconditions within 3 months within the EU; for returns from outside the EU please contact the Customer Service Team; for further details please look at FAQ → Service & Conditions
Shipment worldwide; deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are carried out by our our country representatives


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