Liberty ESL4 Copper / 250 pieces

Item No.: ZN4ESLCU4250

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  • weight 0,83 kg
  • Version: Copper

  • Nail Size: ESL4

  • Package Size: 250 pieces


product description

The Liberty Horseshoe Nails ESL Copper have a longer and slimmer blade than E nails so they can be simply and precisely positioned high up the hoof wall. They are ideal for horses with a thin hoof wall because they compromise the hoof wall less than the slightly thicker E nails. The ESL nails are particularly suitable for V-grooved horseshoes (and for Duplo Horseshoes, of course). Thanks to the copper coat, oxidative processes of the hoof horn in the nail hole are considerably reduced and bacteria are killed; the horn quality can therefore improve.

Label Length
ESL2 45.5 mm
ESL3 47.5 mm
ESL4 51 mm
ESL5 54 mm
ESL6 57.5 mm