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product description

Cast Hooks facilitate fixating a Duplo Horseshoe by means of a cast bandage. That way, it is possible to use all advantages of Duplo Horseshoes without having to cover the bottom side of the horseshoe with the cast bandage.

We recommend applying the Cast Hooks in case of certain therapeutic indications - for example if the horn capsule has to be stabilized and immobilized and if no nails can be used for fixating the hoof protection.

further information

Careful: When combined with regular round or oval Duplo Horseshoes, the Cast Hooks can currently only be used for horseshoes up to size 142 mm. We are working on a solution for larger horseshoes. The open-toed models are not affected.

By the way: The Cast Hooks were developed in the context of Duplo Innovations. Take a look - there are regularly new products available for a favorable introductory price!