Glue-on Tabs "Pro"

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product description

The Duplo is designed as a nailed horseshoe. However, if the condition of a hoof doesn't permit nailing, you can apply our special glue-on tabs to partly or completely use the Duplo Horseshoe as a glue-on horseshoe.

The Duplo glue-on tabs "Pro" differ in some aspects from earlier versions and are a lot less complicated to apply.

Just like our horseshoes, the Duplo Glue-On Tabs are available in two degrees of hardness. The Standard version is made of a relatively soft synthetic material, the Extra version of a material a little bit harder. It depends completely on your preferences which degree of hardness you use for which horseshoe - you can equip a Standard horseshoe with soft glue-on tabs as well as with harder glue-on tabs and vice versa for the Extra line of horseshoes. Because of all glue-on tabs being made from the same synthetic material as the Duplo Horseshoes and only differing in their degree of hardness, you can achieve an ideal connection between horseshoe and glue-on tabs - regardless of which combination of horseshoe and glue-on tabs you finally use.

New: We have designed an improved surface which enhances the adhesive connection between tabs and hoof wall.

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Latest Update: 2021-11-18