Extensions for HDS Models

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Manufacturer/Brand: Duplo

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  • Version: extensions for HDS models

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product description

If the Duplo Horseshoe doesn't fit perfectly even after using an angle grinder or belt sander, you can make it wider or longer with our extensions. That way, the complete weight-bearing surface of the hoof is covered by the horseshoe even if the hoof is irregularly shaped.

Application of the HDS Extensions

Use a standard hot-air gun and weld the extensions to the horseshoe in the desired position.

Please note: The application of our modification accessories is at your own discretion!

Height of the HDS Extensions

Unlike in case of regular Duplo Horseshoes, the height of the HDS models varies depending on the size of the horseshoe: A Heavy Duty Shoe of 118mm is some millimeters slimmer than a shoe of 198mm (but thicker than a regular Duplo Horseshoe of 118mm).

We have adjusted the height of our HDS extensions to the height of the 198mm horseshoes so you can cover all HDS sizes with one product. If you want to use an HDS extension for a smaller Heavy Duty Shoe, you have to adjust the height of the extension to the height of the horseshoe with an angle grinder or belt sander after welding the extension to the horseshoe.

Latest Update: 2022-07-20


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