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product description

Composite Horseshoes in Show Jumping and Eventing

Show Jumping, Eventing and Cross Country are demanding disciplines that require a lot from both horse and rider. High speed, various obstacles, and tight turns demand utmost concentration and precision.

With such demands, the requirements for the horseshoe are correspondingly high. In show jumping, the horseshoe must provide sufficient grip to prevent slipping or even falling when landing, and it must be sturdy enough to withstand the sometimes extreme stresses. Ideally, the shoe has stud holes that allow for regulary screwing in and out the horse cleats. This makes it possible to remove the cleats during rest periods to relieve the tendons and ligaments of the horse and to reduce the risk of injury in the herd.

Our response to these requirements is our 'Jumper', a clipped straight bar horseshoe with integrated stud holes.

shock absorbing horseshoe with stud holes

The sturdy crossbar of the Straight Bar horseshoe provides additional stability and is particularly resistant to twisting. Especially in show jumping, this extra stability can be beneficial to ensure that the horseshoe withstands the extreme stresses.

clipped Straight Bar shoe with shock-absorbing plastic coating

The quarter clips help prevent the horseshoe twisting or shifting on the hoof during regular shoeing periods. This is particularly important during landings and tight turns in the course in disciplines like show jumping or eventing.

horseshoe with stud holes

The stud holes of the 'Jumper' are suitable for regularly screwing in and out the cleats. This allows the cleats to be easily removed after training or competition, preserving the locomotor system of the show jumping horse.

Front View of the Composite Horseshoe for Jumping

The special feature of this horseshoe is the shock-absorbing effect of the plastic coating. Especially in show jumping, eventing, or during hunting, high stresses affect the locomotor system of the jumping horse.

The Structure of a Composite Horseshoe

As the name suggests, the 'Jumper' horseshoe was originally developed for show jumping; however, the shoe has also found its fans among eventing and hunting riders.

We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to watch our animation video on the structure of the composite horseshoe. The video illustrates the interaction between sturdy metal and shock-absorbing plastic on the horse's hoof.

Video: Composite Horseshoes — The Combination of Steel and Plastic on the Hoof

Composite Horseshoes — The Combination of Steel and Plastic on the Hoof

Clipped Straight Bar Shoe with Stud Holes — Photos

a brown show jumping horse jumps over a wooden obstacle in a tournament

The Jumper is suitable as a horseshoe for show jumping horses.

A horse in the dressage arena.

The Jumper is also commonly used in eventing.

A team is pulled by two Moritzburg carriage horses at the Titans of the Racetrack event.

Another application of this horseshoe is in equine driving sports.

Straight Bar Horseshoes with Plastic Coating and Stud Holes for Show Jumping Horses in Round and Oval Shapes

Both the round and oval shapes of our Jumper horseshoe are equipped with four stud holes integrated into the metal core. The Jumper is available only in the slighly softer Standard material.

Horseshoe with plastic cover and stud holes for show jumpers with straight toe

The STS version of our Jumper horseshoe features a slightly straightened toe area and only two stud holes. The quarter clips of the STS version are placed a little bit further towards the heels compared to the other shapes.

horses running on a pasture in winter

Among our Heavy Duty horseshoes, there is a model similar to the Jumper — the Traction. The HDS Traction is available up to size 198mm and also features four stud holes.

horse cleats

The Jumper is suitable for regularly screwing in and out the horse cleats. You can find suitable cleats in the 'Anti-Skid Protection' category in our shop.

composite horseshoe and suitable plastic closing plug to protect the stud holes

To seal the stud holes in the horseshoe, you can use our plastic closure plugs.

composite horseshoe and suitable metal closing plug to protect the stud holes

If you prefer not to use plastic closure plugs, there is a metal alternative available.

Application and Safety Instructions for Straight Bar Shoes with Stud Holes — Video

Our goal is to support show jumping horses as effectively as possible with our horseshoes and the appropriate cleats. Disciplines like jumping and eventing entail certain risks, and no matter how good the shoe may be, it's always possible for a horse to slip during landing or in tight turns. Therefore, always pay attention to a speed adapted to the ground surface.

Please refer to our safety instructions, which are directed not only to the farrier during shoeing but also to the rider and horse owner during the shoeing period. Thanks to the soft material and rounded edges, the risk of injury with a shoe with a plastic coating is lower in the herd. However, the use of cleats always carries additional risks. One of the great advantages of the 'Jumper' horseshoe is that the cleats can be screwed in or out as needed.

Shoeing Instruction

In our video, Stephan Becker explains the general application of our composite horseshoes. The adjustment of the shoe to the horse's hoof and the correct riveting are two of the most important aspects — especially when the shoe is exposed to high stress, as in show jumping and tight turns in the course.

Please do not grind down to the metal core and always keep the position of the stud holes and the straight bar in mind during all adjustments to the horseshoe.

a composite shoe with protective steel border is being nailed onto the hoof

Shoeing Instruction
Nailed Application of Composite Horseshoes

The Jumper is typically used as a nail-on shoe. However, we have also heard from customers who have successfully used the Jumper as a glue-on shoe. From our perspective, this cannot be generalized, as we believe that especially in show jumping, a lot depends on the individual movement of the horse and the difficulty level of the obstacles. If you have made some experiences with the Jumper yourself, we would appreciate it if you would leave us a testimonial. This will help us and other show jumpers find their ideal horseshoe.

Modifying the Jumper Shoe

Due to the sturdy crossbar, the metal core of the Jumper — just like a conventional straight bar horseshoe — is less easy to adjust. However, thanks to our extensive range of sizes and shapes, there should be a suitable horseshoe for your horse.

The Jumper is available in the following sizes:

  • round shape — typically for the front hooves — from size 114mm to 170mm
  • oval shape — typically for the hind hooves — from size 114mm to 166mm
  • STS-shape — with a slightly straightened toe area — from size 102mm to 154mm

For those dealing with larger hooves, we offer the 'Traction' model from our HDS range. The Traction is available up to size 198mm.

If you're unsure about the correct size, feel free to use our template.

Even with a straight bar horseshoe like the Jumper, it's possible to grind a toe direction or modify the open sole area into a closed sole area using our modification accessories.

We generally advise against using our extensions to change the width or length of the horseshoe, as in these cases, the subsequent position of the stud holes and the straight bar may no longer be optimal, potentially exerting localized pressure on the wrong areas of the hoof.

printable teamplate for composite horseshoes

Using Cleats During Extreme Stresses

Show jumping and eventing usually require higher cleats. The forces exerted on the shoe are enormous, so the stud hole must have a secure fit in the metal core. For optimal stability, the Jumper features a solid straight bar. However, when using higher cleats, it's important that the cleat, especially on harder surfaces, is not used permanently. Removing the cleats after training or competition also reduces the risk of injuries in the herd situation.

Please consider both the ground conditions and the dynamics in herd situations with every use of horse cleats. The stud holes as well as the correct position of the cleats and the horseshoe on the hoof must be regularly checked. Further information can also be found in our safety instructions

We have various shapes and heights of horse cleats in our range that are suitable for use with the Jumper. Depending on whether you want to use the horseshoe for show jumping, hunting or "just" for the best possible slip protection in extreme winter conditions, you will need different cleats.

Our Selection of Cleats Suitable for Straight Bar Horseshoes

Hexagonal Cleat Conical Cleat / 'Ice' Cleat
Images horseshoe with cleats is lying in snow Horse galloping over a field in an eventing competition composite horseshoe with ice cleats is lying on stones
Type of Thread not self-tapping self-tapping thread self-tapping thread
Changing Cleats possible easy easy
Height 6mm, 8mm, 12mm 8mm, 12mm 12mm, 14mm
Effective Height 3mm, 5mm, 9mm 5mm, 9mm 9mm, 11mm
Thread Size M8, M10, M12 M8, M10, M12, M14 M8, M10, M12

We advise against using higher cleats, as they can strain the horseshoe and the horse's health too much.

Thread Size Depends on Horseshoe Size

The thread size of our Straight Bar horseshoes varies depending on the shoe size. Please make sure to choose the correct cleats when placing your order!

Horseshoe Size Thread Size
Round Shape Horseshoes
Thread Size
Oval Shape Horseshoes
Thread Size
102mm --- --- M8
106mm --- --- M8
110mm --- --- M8
114mm M8/M10 M8/M10 M10
118mm M8/M10 M8/M10 M10
122mm M8/M10 M8/M10 M10
126mm M8/M10 M8/M10 M10
130mm M8/M10 M8/M10 M10
134mm M8/M10 M8/M10 M10
138mm M8/M10 M8/M10 M10
142mm M10/M12 M10/M12 M10
146mm M10/M12 M10/M10 M10
150mm M10/M12 M10/M10 M10
154mm M10/M12 M10/M10 M10
158mm M10/M10 M10/M10 ---
162mm M10/M10 M10/M10 ---
166mm M10/M10 --- ---
170mm M10/M10 --- ---
Ice studs in the stud hole of a horseshoe with a plastic coating

The Special Feature of the Stud Holes in the Jumper Shoe

The stud holes of this straight bar horseshoe are firmly integrated into the sturdy metal core. As a result, they can withstand extreme stresses for longer periods.

When screwed in, the stud sinks into the thread for about 3mm. That way, the first pitch of the screw thread won't be damaged even during abrasion and the thread will be easier to clean. Using the 8mm studs as an example, this means that the effective height is 5mm.

During times without stud use, we recommend protecting the stud hole with a closing plug.

Mounting and dismounting of the cleats

If you need to screw the cleats in and out regularly, we recommend our cleats with self-tapping threads. In principle, changing the cleats is of course also possible with cleats without self-tapping threads; however, it is usually faster with the self-tapping version.

For changing the cleats, you'll need (each in the appropriate size for the stud holes of your horseshoe):

  • cleats in the desired height
  • stud hole cleaner
  • hex key
  • metal closure plugs, masonry drill bit, and matching hex bit or
    plastic closure plugs and a slot screwdriver, for example
Horseshoes for show jumping, studs, and accessories for stud replacement
An ice stud is unscrewed from a horseshoe

After you've finished training, unscrew the cleat from the stud hole using the appropriate hex key.

cleaning the stud hole of a composite horseshoe

If there is dirt in the stud hole, you can remove it using the appropriate thread cleaner.

a metal closure plug is screwed into a stud hole of a composite horseshoe

Insert your closing plug. If you've opted for a plastic closure plug, simply press it firmly into the stud hole. For screwing in the metal version, you'll need the appropriate bit.

Product Features

Model Clipped Straight Bar Horseshoe with Stud Holes
Additional Title Jumper
Brand Duplo
Article Number 200, 210, 370
Function horseshoes for cleats, shock absorption, grip, show jumping
Riding Styles and Disciplines among others: eventing, military, foxhunting, hunter jumping, show jumping, off-road driving, skijoring, driving
Admission for Tournaments Our composite horseshoes are approved for various tournaments; for more information please contact the respective association (e.g. FEIF, AQHA, APHA, FISE, FN).
Therapy Shoe / Rehab The Jumper Shoe is also suitable for supportive use in the orthopedic and therapeutic field, if you require the use of cleats for traction purposes, especially in winter.
We expressly point out that our products do not diagnose or cure any diseases and advise for any use with a therapeutic or orthopedic background to work closely with the hoof specialist or veterinarian on site.
Horse Breeds among others: Bavarian Warmblood, British Riding Pony, Budjonny, German Riding Horse, Riding Pony, German Sport Horse, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Mecklenburg Warmblood, Oldenburg, Einsiedler, Swiss Warmblood, Trakehner, Westphalian, Baden-Württemberg, Zweibrücken Warmblood, Dutch Warmblood, Hungarian Sport Horse
Shoeing nailed shoe, glued shoe or cast shoe
Shoeing Instruction can be found unter FAQ → Instructions
Safety Information can be found unter FAQ → Safety Information
Made in Germany
Available Shapes round / oval / STS
Sizes Round Shape 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm, 158mm, 162mm, 166mm, 170mm
Sizes Oval Shape 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm, 158mm, 162mm, 166mm
Sizes STS 102mm, 106mm, 110mm, 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm
Size Interval in 4mm steps
Sizing Based on the shape of the hoof and the widest part of the hoof (after appropriate hoof treatment) or, in a pinch, also based on the horseshoe size that has fit so far; in the section FAQ → Sizes and Shapes, you will find a free template for our horseshoes.
Hardness Degrees Standard
Season all year round
Weight depending on the size from 242 up to 757g
Length depending on the size — for details please visit FAQ → Sizes and Shapes
Width the respective size in mm
Thickness 15mm
Knob Arrays The knobs are impressed into the weight-bearing surface of the hoof wall and help the horseshoe keep its position on the hoof during the regular shoeing period.
Solid Metal Inlay The metal core contributes to the durability of the shoe and helps to avoid unwanted pressure on the hoof. The sturdy straight bar ensures a more even distribution of pressure across the hoof and provides additional stability.
Plastic Cover The soft plastic cover has a shock-absorbing effect.
Debris Guard The molded synthetic lip acts like a debris guard — similar to a Snowgrip® — and reduces the amount of snow and debris balling up.
Nailing Slots depending on the size, 6 to 8 nail holes integrated into the metal core
Nail Size The ideal nail size varies depending on the hoof situation and size — you can find a general recommendation in our store at the hoof nails.
Quarter Clips The quarter clips facilitate the nailing process and help avoiding twists and displacements of the horseshoe during the regular shoeing period; in case of the STS models, the side clips are placed a little bit further towards the heels compared to the other shoes. The quarter clips must be monitored regularly.
Stud Holes Round/oval shape: four stud holes
STS shape: two stud holes
Thread Size The thread size of the stud holes depends on the size of the horseshoe. Please refer to the corresponding overview above.
Stud Change This model is suitable for multiple stud changes; you can screw the cleats in and out as needed.
Cleats In various shapes and heights.
Further details can be found above.
Use Without Cleats The stud hole should always be protected from dirt during the time without cleats. Metal or plastic closure plugs are suitable for this purpose.
Open Sole The open sole design offers breathability to the hoof sole and the frog.
Anti-Slide Protection For additional anti-slide protection you may use spikes; when riding, you always have to adapt the speed appropriately to the ground and ride with reduced speed on slippery ground.
Risk of Injuries in Herds Minimized risk of injuries in herd situations and in case of irregular movements in comparison to a metal horseshoe or the sharp-edged border of a bare hoof. However, studs always pose an additional risk of injury — please also refer to our safety instructions.
Adjustment to the Hoof with an angle grinder, belt grinder
Modifications (at your own discretion) Please always consider the position of the stud holes and the straight bar with all modifications. The open sole area can be modified into a closed sole area using the modification accessories.
Breakover You may bend or grind a toe rocker to adjust breakover.
Accessories among others, cleats and closing plugs
Packaging Unit in pieces
Quantity Discount from 20 pieces per size (article number)
Exchange and Return Possible under certain preconditions within 3 months within the EU;
for returns from outside the EU please contact our Customer Service Team.
for further details please look at our section FAQ → Service & Conditions.
Shipment worldwide; deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are carried out by our our country representatives


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