Frog Care Balm — THM-Strahlbalsam® — Frog Care and Treatment of Thrush

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product description

Frog Care Balm — THM-Strahlbalsam® — Frog Care and Successful Treatment of Thrush

Hoof diseases such as thrush require holistic care and treatment. It has been particularly effective to rely on natural substances in this regard. In this context, the THM products by Wolfgang Busch, with a wide range of highly pure essences, offer an optimal solution for the prevention and treatment of thrush.

The frog care balm products are made from 100% natural substances and are particularly well suited for the care and treatment of the frog. The ingredients of the balm are carefully selected to meet the requirements of maintaining and caring for the frog. The highly pure essences are sourced from wild growth or controlled organic cultivation and are embedded in natural carriers.

Frog Care

The effectiveness of THM-Strahlbalsam® (Frog Care Balm) is particularly evident in its prophylactic application to prevent thrush. Even under unfavorable environmental conditions, the frog balm can provide sufficient and long-lasting diffusion of its active volatile components into the hoof environment. This can create a protective barrier against germs that could affect the hoof frog. Unlike many other products, its effects are not limited to disinfection but also strengthen existing healthy horn structures without hardening them.

Treatment of Thrush

In the treatment of thrush, the hoof frog balm is often used. Its versatile effectiveness is based on a carefully selected blend of natural essences that not only act against germs in the hoof area but can also stimulate the regeneration of healthy horn material by encouraging the corium to form new and healthy horn material.

THM-Strahlbalsam® and Pads — Photos

Dosage bottle 70ml and 150ml and an application brush on a meadow.

The frog care balm is available in 70ml and 150ml bottles with applicator tips for easy and clean dosing.

Hoof with thrush and deep central sulcus.

The frog care balm scores with its antibacterial and disinfectant effect, which is particularly important in case of thrush.

hoof onto which the hoof balm is applied with the application brush

Applying the frog care balm is remarkably simple: apply some balm directly to the frog and spread it with the brush.

frog care balm pads and spatula on a meadow

One box contains 30 pieces of the helpful pads, soaked with frog care balm. Wooden spatulas are included in the delivery.

Ein Strahlbalsam-Pad wird zur Behandlung auf den gereinigten Huf gelegt

The pads are ideal for complementing the treatment of thrush in deep sulcus and clefts or or generally for better care with problematic frog shapes.

the frog care balm pad is pressed into the hoof groove with the help of the spatula

Press a frog care balm pad in the cleaned hoof groove. If necessary, you can use more than one pad.

Application and Safety Instructions

Even though Frog Care Balm is based on natural essences, there is a possibility of allergic reactions in you or your horse. In our comprehensive description of hoof care products, you will find detailed information on product application and indications. Please read and observe these safety instructions. (for Final Customers / for Business Customers), to avoid potential health impairments and simultaneously protect the environment.

Applying the THM-Strahlbalsam®

The application is simple and effective. The viscous frog care balm is applied sparingly with the included brush directly onto the cleaned and dry frog and into the hoof grooves. Since the application doesn't require much time, it's not a problem to apply the frog care balm regularly. When treating acute thrush, we recommend cleaning the brush after each use.

The application is repeated at regular intervals of about 3 days until the thrush is healed. In case of particularly deep grooves, it can be helpful to use the frog care balm pads.

Please use the frog care balm exclusively with protective gloves, as the ingredients can cause skin irritations and sensitization in sensitive individuals. Also, please read the safety instructions carefully.

THM-Strahlbalsam® Pads

The frog care balm pads are a perfect complement to the balm. They are particularly suitable for treating thrush in deep grooves and clefts of the hoof, as well as for caring for problematic frog shapes. Compared to using the balm from the bottle, the application of the pads is particularly uncomplicated depending on the situation.

Before using the pads, the entire frog must be cleaned and well dried. One option is to gently press a strip of gauze into the groove with a wooden spatula and then carefully pull it through the groove to clean and dry it. This prepares the hoof optimally for the treatment with the frog care balm. Then, press the pad into the hoof groove. Depending on the individual situation of the frog you can use more than one pad.

Please make sure to apply only light pressure to the frog.

The application of the pads should be repeated every 3 days until no thrush is present anymore, or the hoof groove has returned to its normal condition. In certain hoof shapes, especially in case of contracted hooves, deep hoof grooves may persist permanently. In such cases, it is recommended to use the pads preventively at regular intervals.

Considerations for Glued Horseshoes

At this point, we would like to offer you general advice on using hoof care products in conjunction with glue-on horseshoes.

Usually, the ingredients of the frog care balm should not affect an existing adhesive bond, provided that the glue-on horseshoe has been properly applied to the hoof and that the tabs have been properly sealed. Nevertheless, we would recommend trying to avoid direct contact of the hoof care products with the glue-on surface on the hoof.

In general, we would advise caution with hoof care products in relation to a glued horseshoe, especially prior to application. Especially when using an oil-based hoof care product, it may even be advisable, depending on hoof growth and weather conditions, to interrupt the active treatment phase two weeks before the farrier appointment. Of course, it also depends on the specific hoof care product you are using. Given that the frog care balm usually doesn't interact with the subsequent adhesive surface on the hoof, the risk is naturally much lower compared to, for instance, a product that is being directly applied to the hoof wall.

Product Features

Article THM-Strahlbalsam® (Frog Care Balm) and THM-Strahlbalsam® Pads (Frog Care Balm Pads)
Manufactured by Wolfgang Busch
Article number 70ml Bottle: PSB070
150ml Bottle: PSB150
Strahlbalsam Pads: PSBP50
Function hoof care; frog care; prevent thrush; treating thrush
Made in Germany
Scope of Delivery
Frog Care Balm - Bottle of 70ml or 150ml and one brush
Frog Care Balm Pads - 30 Pads, soaked with THM–Strahlbalsam®, and 10 wooden spatulas for cleaning the grooves and pressing in the pads
Ingredients pure vegetable oils and resins, high-purity essential essences
Safety instructions Please observe the manufacturer's safety instructions.
Necessary accessories disposable gloves
Packaging unit in single units
Storage store in a cool and dark place
Exchange and Return Possible under certain preconditions within 1 month within the EU.
For returns from outside the EU, please contact our Customer Service Team.
For further details, please look at the section FAQ → Service & Conditions.
Shipment No shipping to the following countries: USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden
Deliveries to France and Switzerland are carried out by our country representatives.

Tips and Tricks

When treating thrush, in addition to using suitable hoof care products, choosing the right kind of hoof protection is crucial. Our horseshoes offer you the possibility of optimal adaptation to the needs of the affected hoof. You can modify the shoe in the area above the frog grooves so that you can continue treating the frog with the frog care balm.

The type of modification depends on the condition of the hoof and the severity of the thrush, f.ex. For detailed instructions on how to optimally modify our horseshoes to treat thrush, please refer to the 'FAQ Adjustment and Modifications' section.

hoof with inserted frog care balm pad, shod with a modified composite shoe


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