THM-HufStabil® - Hoof Hardener - Rehabilitate and Strengthen the Hoof Horn

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product description

Rehabilitate and Strengthen Problematic Hooves with the Hoof Hardener THM — HufStabil®

The two variants of the Hoof Hardener THM — HufStabil® are a popular means of supporting the rehabilitation of problematic hooves. The hoof hardener is designed to support treatment for various hoof problems.

HufStabil and HufStabil Extra with a matching brush for application.

Ingredients and Function of the Hoof Hardener

THM — HufStabil® and THM — HufStabil® extra consist of a balanced mixture of essential oils, plant oils, and resins. The individual components have been assembled according to their respective purposes, aiming to not only have a strong antimicrobial effect against fungi and bacteria but also positively influence the structure of the hoof horn.

If the treatment with the hoof hardener aims to strengthen the hoof structure, the application of the products does not lead to horn brittleness - on the contrary: thanks to their regulatory effect, overly hard areas of the hoof become slightly more elastic, while excessively soft areas become firmer. This helps prevent cracks and fractures in the hoof wall.

What is Special About the Extra Variant of the Hoof Hardener

THM — HufStabil® extra offers the same benefits as the standard variant but features a highly concentrated active complex for even stronger hoof strengthening and antimicrobial effects. Additionally, it has a slight desensitizing effect on sensitive areas of the corium, especially on the hoof sole.

Application and Safety Instructions

Even though the hoof hardener is based on natural essences, there is still a possibility of allergic reactions for you or your horse. In our product description of the hoof care products, we provide detailed information about the application and indications of the products. Please read and take note of these safety instructions regarding THM — HufStabil® (for Final Customers Endkunden / for Business Customers) and THM — HufStabil® Extra (for Final Customers / for Business Customers) to avoid potential health impairments and simultaneously protect the environment.

Product-Specific Safety Aspects

Certain components of the product may cause irritation or trigger allergies in sensitive individuals or animals. Therefore, it is particularly important to handle it properly and wear protective gloves.

THM — HufStabil® and THM — HufStabil® extra are not intented to be applied on the coronary band, the frog, heel bulbs or open areas of the corium. Avoid allowing these products to enter the sewer system, surface waters, or groundwater.

Areas of Application For the Hoof Hardener

Preventive Application

  • To improve the overall healt of the hoof and to strengthen the horn. The proactive use of hoof hardener can potentially minimize abrasion on firm surfaces for barefoot horses.
  • Thanks to the regulating effect of THM - HufStabil®, soft horn becomes harder and brittle horn becomes more resistant. This can help minimize the formation of cracks and breaks in the hoof wall.
  • The THM - HufStabil® products can help prevent infection of cracks and crevices in the hoof wall.
  • In case of laminitis we recommend the application of THM — HufStabil® extra, to prevent infections in widened white lines (lamellar wedges) and to strengthen the white line, as the lamellar structure may be compromised in general.

Treatment of Acute Hoof Problems

  • For sensitive soles, the regeneration and strengthening of the hoof contribute to desensitizing the sole, making it less sensitive to pressure on uneven surfaces due to improved stabilization.
  • Support in the treatment of abscess openings; healing is favored by promoting neogranulation.
  • Strengthening of the white line, especially in cases of laminitis, where the lamellar structure may be compromised.
  • Treatment of cracks and fractures in the hoof wall.
  • Combatting bacterial and fungal infections.

Hoof Hardener Application Instruction

Before treatment with THM - HufStabil® (regular and extra):

The areas of the hoof to be treated must be cleaned. If necessary, you can use water for this purpose; in this case, make sure to dry the hoof well. The product may not be absorbed as effectively on a wet hoof.


The following aspects should be considered when applying the hoof hardener:

  • Apply the product with the brush from the bearing edge approximately one brush width (or up to the nail rivets) onto the hoof wall.
  • The hoof hardener can be applied to the white line.
  • If necessary, the entire sole of the hoof (excluding the frog and bulbs, exposed corium, and hairy epidermis) can be treated with it.
the hoof hardener is applied with a brush
Hoof hardener and brush, which is stored in vegetable oil until the next application.

Frequency and Duration of Hoof Hardener Treatment

During the first 2 weeks of treatment, apply the hoof hardener at intervals of 1 to 2 days; thereafter, less frequently, approximately 1 to 2 times per week. Please note that these instructions may vary slightly depending on various factors.

With regular use of the hoof hardener, hooves become saturated after a few weeks, hence a treatment break of one to two weeks may be beneficial after a certain period of application. After the break, the interval can be increased again to every half-week to weekly.

You can store the used brush in vegetable oil until it's ready to be reused; before using it again, make sure to wipe it off.

It is recommended to store products containing essential oils in a cool, dark place, and in a well-ventilated area!

Special Considerations for Glue-On Horseshoes

At this point, we would like to provide you with general advice regarding the use of hoof care products in conjunction with glued hoof protection.

The ingredients of THM - HufStabil® should normally not affect an existing adhesive bond, provided that the glue-on horseshoe has been properly applied and the individual adhesive tabs have been cleanly sealed. Nevertheless, we would recommend trying to avoid direct contact of the products with the adhesive surface on the hoof.

In general, we would advise caution when using hoof care products in conjunction with a glue-on horseshoe, especially before gluing. Particularly when using an oil-based hoof care product, it may even be advisable to interrupt the active treatment phase two weeks before the appointment with the farrier, depending on hoof growth and weather conditions. Of course, it also depends on the specific hoof care product you are using.

Product Features of the Hoof Hardener

Article THM — HufStabil® unandd THM — HufStabil® extra
Manufactured by Wolfgang Busch
Made in Germany
Article number THM — HufStabil®: PHS100
THM — HufStabil® extra: PHS100E
Scope of Delivery bottle of 100ml and one brush
Function increasing hoof strength, help to prevent infections, strengthening the white line, stabilizing, treating cracks and fractures in the hoof wall
Ingredients high-purity essential oils
Safety instructions Please observe the manufacturer's safety instructions.
Necessary accessories disposable gloves
Packaging unit in single units
Storage Store in a cool, light-protected place with ventilation.
Exchange and Return Possible under certain preconditions within 1 month within the EU.
For returns from outside the EU, please contact our Customer Service Team.
For further details, please look at the section FAQ → Service & Conditions.
Shipment No shipping to the following countries: USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden
Deliveries to France and Switzerland are carried out by our country representatives.

Tips and Tricks

Since hoof hardeners are often used supportively in cases of laminitis, we would like to recommend our composite horseshoe with an open toe as a small tip. It has proven to be effective as a laminitis shoe. It was developed in collaboration with Wolfgang Busch, the producer of the hoof hardener and other THM hoof care products.


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