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product description

Horn Disinfectant THM-WLD

THM-WLD horn disinfectant stands out for its excellent efficacy and has been specifically developed to target the types of germs that occur in the environment of the horse and its hooves. With its broad spectrum of action, it is used for various indications such as white line disease (onychomycosis) or abscesses.

THM-WLD hoof disinfectant disinfects and combats pathogens with deep penetration, as it is absorbed by horn structures. The horn itself is stabilized. It can be used preventively as well as in the treatment of various hoof issues.

Areas of Application for THM-WLD

The disinfectant is used for disinfection and treatment of the following hoof ailments:

  • horizontal cracks and clefts
  • disinfecting nail canals / nail channels and abscess channels
  • application also suitable for infected keratoma (keraphyllocele)
  • keratinized abscesses and other hollows within the hoof capsule
  • White Line Disease, also known as seedy toe or onychomycosis

In the manufacturing process, natural, highly pure essential essences are used. These essences can help strengthen the hooves and improve the elasticity of the horn.

hoof with acute White Line Disease

Application and Safety Instructions for the Horn Disinfectant

Even though the hoof disinfectant is based on natural essences, there is a possibility of allergic reactions for you or your horse. In our comprehensive description of each hoof care product, you will find detailed information on the application and indications of the products. Please read and observe these safety instructions (for Final Customers / for Business Customers), to avoid potential health impairments and simultaneously protect the environment.

Product-specific safety aspects

THM-WLD is intended for external use on the hoof only. Exposed sensitive areas of the dermis (corium) as well as the animal's haired epidermis should not come into contact with it.

To avoid irritations or allergic reactions, suitable protective gloves as well as safety goggles should be worn when handling the hoof care product. If you have allergies to essential oils, you should avoid contact with THM WLD.

Please ensure that THM-WLD does not enter the sewage system, surface water, or groundwater.

application of the THM-WLD hoof horn disinfectant

The Application of THM-WLD Horn Distinfectant


Before treatment, it is important to thoroughly clean the hoof to remove dirt and debris. In particular, cavities should be examined for foreign objects and these should be removed. If foreign objects remain, there is a risk that they may be enclosed by the horn and thus ulcers or abscesses may form in the hoof.


Thanks to the dropper insert, dosing is easy and straightforward. The disinfectant is simply dripped onto or into the affected areas of the hoof and then penetrates deeply on its own. To prevent renewed contamination after applying the oil, cavities in the hoof horn can be sealed with some cotton or gauze. Adding a few drops of THM-WLD to these dressings enhances its depot effect, extending the product's effectiveness for a longer period.

Treatment Frequency

For acute microbial infestations, daily treatment with the WLD hoof disinfectant is advisable. For preventive measures, a weekly prophylactic treatment is recommended based on hygiene conditions and hoof condition.

Cleaning the hoof with a hoof pick with brush

Application of Hoof Care Products like the Horn Disinfectant for Horses with Glued Horseshoes

At this juncture, we'd like to briefly delve into some aspects you should consider when treating hooves with hoof care products that are shod with a glue-on shoe or will be glued in the near future.

Typically, the components of THM-WLD should not affect an existing adhesive bond, provided that the adhesive shoe has been correctly applied, and the individual tabs have been carefully sealed. However, we advise against direct contact between the adhesive bond and the horn disinfectant.

Generally, we advise exercising caution when using hoof care products in conjunction with an adhesive shoe, especially before applying the adhesive. Particularly when using an oil-based hoof care product, it may be advisable to interrupt the active treatment phase up to two weeks before the appointment, depending on hoof growth and weather conditions. However, the precise ingredients of the hoof care product used ultimately determine its influence on the adhesive bond.

Product Features

Article THM-WLD Horn Disinfectant and THM-WLD 50 Horn Disinfectant
Manufactured by Wolfgang Busch
Article number THM-WLD dropper bottle of 20 ml: PWLD20 THM-WLD 50 dropper bottle of 50 ml: PWLD50
Function Highly concentrated hoof horn disinfectant, disinfection, combating germs and fungi on the hoof, application in cases of White Line Disease.
Made in Germany
Ingredients high-purity essential oils
Safety instructions Please observe the manufacturer's safety instructions.
Necessary accessories disposable gloves, safety goggles
Packaging unit in single units
Storage store in a cool and dark place
Exchange and Return Possible under certain preconditions within 1 month within the EU.
For returns from outside the EU, please contact our Customer Service Team.
For further details, please look at the section FAQ → Service & Conditions.
Shipment No shipping to the following countries: USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden
Deliveries to France and Switzerland are carried out by our country representatives.


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