Duplo Jumper

The Duplo Jumper has been developed after numerous requests from show jumpers. Quick changes of direction on possibly slippery ground require a very solid horseshoe which can be used with two or four removable studs and which is as shock-absorbing as possible during the course.


In contrast to regular Duplo horseshoes, the metal inlay of the Jumper is closed around the heel area of the horseshoe. The stud threads are not only fixated in the synthetic material as usual, they are firmly connected with the metal inlay. That's why it is possible to use larger studs in the heel area without risking that the threads get levered out of their correct and solid position during extreme strain.


Application of Four Studs
The Duplo Jumper is equipped with four solid screw threads in which you can insert screw studs if necessary. Contrary to the regular Duplo models, you can use higher studs (8 mm and 12 mm) without affecting the stability of the horseshoe.
However, the size of the threads varies with the size of the horseshoe. The small horseshoes have M8 threads in the toe area and M10 threads in the heel area; the large horseshoes have four M10 threads. Please be careful to choose the correct stud size!

Size round oval
118 mm M8 / M10 M8 / M10
122 mm M8 / M10 M8 / M10
126 mm M8 / M10 M8 / M10
130 mm M8 / M10 M8 / M10
134 mm M8 / M10 M8 / M10
138 mm M8 / M10 M8 / M10
142 mm M10 / M10 M10 / M10
146 mm M10 / M10 M10 / M10
150 mm M10 / M10 M10 / M10
154 mm M10 / M10 M10 / M10
158 mm M10 / M10 M10 / M10
162 mm M10 / M10 M10 / M10
166 mm M10 / M10 M10 / M10
170 mm M10 / M10  


Even Pressure Distribution
All four screw threads are firmly fixed within the metal inlay. Thanks to this construction, the hoof is not pressurized punctually by the studs; their pressure is instead evenly spread on the complete surface of the hoof wall.

Large Supportive Surface
The contact surface between horseshoe and hoof wall is very large. The V-shaped inlay supports and protects the complete frog. The Duplo Jumper does not only stimulate a healthy hoof but also provides for a very comfortable feeling.

Shock Absorbance
The complete metal inlay is covered by a synthetic coat. Compared to a non-padded regular horseshoe, the Duplo Jumper is extremely shock-absorbing.


Weight Reduction
The Duplo Jumper is less heavy than a heart-bar metal horseshoe of the same size and therefore takes away weight from the locomotor system.

Thanks to the synthetic overlap all around the horseshoe, you can use an angle grinder to adjust the Duplo Jumper precisely to the individual hoof shape. It is also very easy to add more profile to the bottom side of the horseshoe without increasing the risk of injuries for the horse.

Latest Update: 2021-04-01