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At this point, we'd like to offer some help on how to remove Duplo Horseshoes - without damaging the horseshoe, if possible, so it may be reused for another shoeing period (see FAQ).

1.) clinched nail
2.) open the clinch with a clinch cutter
3.) drive the nail back from above

If the Duplo Horseshoe still is quite new, you can easily remove the nails with a nail puller. However, it's more complicated with older, worn-off horse-shoes - or if dirt has accumulated in the nail hole. Usually, the nail heads are still quite good but difficult to reach with the nail puller without damaging the horseshoe.

In these cases, we recommend using a belt sander to make the nail puller a little bit sharper. This modified tool facilitates nail-pulling a lot - not only when you're using Duplo Horseshoes, by the way!

Latest Update: 2022-01-27


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