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product description

Maximum Stability with the Added Benefit of Reducing Concussion on Hard Surfaces - Our Straight Bar Shoe

Our goal is to have a suitable model in our range for every horse and its individual needs. Therefore, it's important for us to be able to offer our customers an appropriate synthetic horseshoe even when the hoof is not in the best condition. Especially when areas of the hoof are damaged and an additional supporting surface is needed for a situation-specific weight distribution, special horseshoe shapes are required. This includes the different types of 'closed shoes'.

What Exactly Do We Mean by 'Closed' Shoes?

Closed can refer to two areas in a horseshoe:

  • the sole area
  • or the rear portion of the horseshoe

We are talking about bar shoes, i.e. horseshoes where the ends of the branches are joined together by a solid bar of metal.

horseshoes with and without a solid metal bar between the heels
different bar horseshoes, also known as closed shoes

The shape of the bar between the heels of the shoe gives the shoe its name:

  • The egg bar shoe, with a semi-oval connection between the heels of the horseshoe.
  • The straight bar shoe, with a straight connection between the heels of the horseshoe.
  • The heart bar shoe, the heart shaped horse shoe. The connection between the ends of the branches increases the loaded area of the hoof and provides frog support.

Each variant of the bar horseshoes has different areas of application and effects on the hoof and hoof mechanism. Which horseshoe is right for your horse can depend on its therapeutic indication, but of course also on the specific requirements of your riding discipline.

Upon closer examination of our synthetic horseshoes, every model is a closed shoe in a way, as the two branches of the shoe are connected by a synthetic bar. The shape of this synthetic bar in our shoes resembles the shape of a heart similar to that of a heart bar shoe.

What this synthetic bar accomplishes in the regular models:

  • The entire frog, including the frog apex, is supported - this can improve the blood circulation in the hoof.
  • The flexible synthetic bridge provides a better distribution of load. However, it restricts the hoof mechanism less than the solid steel bar of a conventional closed iron.
visualization of hoof mechanism with synthetic shoe featuring a flexible heart bar

Our Straight Bar Composite Shoe with a Sturdy Straight Bar in the Rear Area of the Hoof

Depending on the hoof condition or riding discipline, there are situations where flexibility in the rear hoof area may need to be reduced, and the stability of hoof protection increased. For this reason, we have also developed a model with an entirely closed metal core. However, in the area of the frog apex, we aimed to maintain the flexibility of regular models (see illustration).

Comparison of Flexible Synthetic Bar and More Sturdy Straight Bar Shoe
Straight Bar Composite Shoe and Steel Horseshoe

Originally, we referred to our exceptionally sturdy model with a fully enclosed metal core as a shoe with 'ring-shaped metal inlay'.

However, since this designation is not widely recognized, we have decided to label the model as a 'Straight Bar Shoe,' as the shape of our metal core closely resembles that of the Straight Bar Steel Shoes.

For better illustration, we have compared a Straight Bar Horseshoe with the metal core of our Straight Bar Composite Shoe (see illustration).

Use of Straight Bar Horseshoes in Therapeutic Applications

The applications of closed horseshoes in the therapeutic field are diverse. Typically, the goal is to relieve a damaged area by shifting the load onto the healthy part of the hoof, such as in cases of partially damaged wall sections, a concave wall, horn fissures, or an overburdened heel region.

For example, the Eggbar Horseshoe is frequently applied to address concerns related to the coffin bone and flexor tendons. With the heart bar shoe, the frog of the hoof is also increasingly engaged in bearing weight. This is also the case with our synthetic frog support.

At this point, we would like to emphasize that this general information regarding the therapeutic application of a straight bar shoe may not always be directly applicable to every hoof. The ultimate decision on whether our Straight Bar Shoe is the right shoe for the specific horse rests with the farrier on-site, possibly in cooperation with the local veterinarian.

The Effects of a Metal Straight Bar

Whether it's a conventional steel horseshoe or a synthetic shoe with a metal core: A rigid bar affects the hoof mechanism and should therefore be used selectively.

The weight-reducing and shock-absorbing synthetic casing generally protects the hoof and the horse's musculoskeletal system. However, especially in therapeutic applications, there may be situations where additional shock absorption and flexibility could be disadvantageous – for instance, when the hoof's freedom of movement needs to be completely restricted.

We therefore recommend involving the local veterinarian in the decision-making process for any shoeing with therapeutic or orthopedic considerations, especially when in doubt.

When Your Riding Discipline Calls for the Use of a Straight Bar Horseshoe

Of course, there are situations where a horseshoe with a sturdy metal bar is required due to the specific demands of the riding style.

In the gaited horse domain, these horseshoes are frequently employed as weighted shoes. In disciplines such as show jumping, eventing, or fox hunting, choosing a more sturdy horseshoe can be beneficial for certain horses. A straight bar shoe provides uniform weight distribution across the entire hoof, offering consistent support to both the heels and toes. Particularly in these disciplines, the horse is likely to experience enhanced comfort, thanks to the concussion-absorbing properties of the synthetic cover of the composite shoe.

The hooves of a show jumping horse fitted with composite straight bar shoes and studs while jumping over an obstacle

Special Edition — The Jumper Horseshoe

Especially in show jumping, studs are often required for additional traction in tight turns and upon landing. That's why we have introduced the 'Jumper', a special shoe featuring stable threaded inserts in our product range. The threaded inserts allow for regular stud changes, enabling the removal of studs during non-training periods.

Special Edition — The Heavy Duty Shoe Traction

The Traction is a particularly robust variant of the Jumper from our Heavy Duty Shoe collection. It is primarily designed for draft horses or horses used in logging f.ex., requiring a sturdy shoe with enhanced grip for their daily tasks. With this special edition, the studs can be easily screwed in and out.

Cushioning Straight Bar Shoe with Flexible Support of the Frog Apex — Photos

Different Shapes of the Alternative Straight Bar Horse Shoes

Our Straight Bar Shoe is equipped with quarter clips and comes in round, oval, and our special STS shape with a slightly straightened toe area.

Different Hardness Compositions of the Straight Bar Composite Shoe

Our Straight Bar Shoe is available in both well-known hardness levels – Standard and Extra.

Fitting the Straight Bar Shoe to the Hoof by the Farrier

The correct fit is crucial to ensure no unwanted pressure is exerted on sensitive areas of the hoof.

Special Edition of the Straight Bar Shoe for Use with Equine Cleats

If you require maximum stability combined with optimal grip, we recommend the Jumper horseshoe.

Special model of the straight bar shoe in the particularly stable version for use with cleats

The Traction from our Heavy Duty Horseshoe collection combines maximum stability, abrasion resistance, and anti-slip protection.

Open-toe shoes in three different variants.

Another specialized horseshoe among our straight bar shoes is our open-toe horseshoe, available in three different models in our product range.

The Application of Straight Bar Composite Horseshoes and Safety Guidelines — Video

Please also refer to our general safety guidelines when using the Straight Bar Shoe. Our products are not intended to diagnose or cure diseases. However, the targeted application of a Straight Bar Composite Shoe, in coordination with the farrier and/or veterinarian, for example as part of therapeutic hoof care, can support the recovery process.

What is Actually a Composite Horseshoe?

'Opposites attract' or 'the mix makes it'. In many areas of life, we benefit from the combination of two components – so why not in horseshoeing?

You can think of the composite shoe as a combination of a sturdy metal horseshoe and a flexible synthetic shoe. It combines the advantages of both materials on the hoof, which also consists of hard (bony) and soft structures (frog, frog cushion, sole).

For a better illustration, simply take a few minutes to watch our animation film.

Video: Functionality of the Composite Horseshoe Made of Steel and Synthetic on the Hoof

Composite Horse Shoe

Shoeing Instruction

No matter which model you use, whether with or without a solid metal bar: The proper barefoot trimming and fitting of the shoe are crucial for successful hoof protection.

In our general shoeing guide, state-certified farrier instructor Stephan Becker demonstrates the general application of our composite shoe as a nailed hoof protection.

When using the Straight Bar Shoe, please consider the slightly restricted adjustability in the rear area. For optimal durability of the horseshoe, refrain from grinding the shoe down to the metal core. Please consider this when selecting the appropriate shoe shape and size.

Video: Shoeing Instruction for Composite Horseshoes

Shoeing Instruction for Composite Horseshoes

Product Features

Model Clipped Straight Bar Horseshoe
Brand Duplo
Article Number 210, 211, 360, 560, 600, 601
Function alternative hoof protection, shock absorption, reduce concussion on hard surfaces, weight distribution, support for the rear hoof sections, bearing surface, 'weight' horseshoe
Riding Styles and Disciplines a.o. show jumping, eventing, gaited horse riding
Admission for Tournaments If you are using the Straight Bar Shoe not for therapeutic reasons but due to the requirements of your riding discipline, please coordinate with your relevant equine association regarding tournament approval.
Therapy Shoe / Rehab The model is also suitable for supportive use in the orthopedic and therapeutic field; we expressly point out that our products do not diagnose or cure any diseases and advise for any use with a therapeutic or orthopedic background to work closely with the hoof specialist or veterinarian on site.
Horse Breeds a.o. Warmblood, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Haflinger, Icelandic, Arabian, Friesian, Andalusian, Hanoverian
Application can be applied with nails, glue or casting
Shoeing Instrucstion can be found unter FAQ → Instructions
Security Advice can be found unter FAQ → Safety Information
Made in Germany
Available Shapes round, oval, STS
Sizes Round Shape 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm, 158mm, 162mm, 166mm, 170mm
Sizes Oval Shape 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm, 158mm, 162mm, 166mm
Sizes STS Shape 102mm, 106mm, 110mm, 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm
Size Interval in 4mm steps
Sizing Based on the shape of the hoof and the widest part of the hoof (after appropriate hoof treatment) or, in a pinch, also based on the horseshoe size that has fit so far; in the section FAQ → Sizes and Shapes, you will find a free template for our composite shoes.
Hardness Degrees Standard / Extra
Season all year round
Temperature during the cold season we recommend the Standard Straight Bar Shoes; at higher temperatures the Extra Straight Bar Shoes have proven their worth
Weight depending on the size from 295g up to 706g
Length depending on the size — for details please visit FAQ → Sizes and Shapes
Width the respective size in mm
Thickness 15mm
Knob Arrays The knobs are impressed into the weight-bearing surface of the hoof wall and help the horseshoe keep its position on the hoof during the regular shoeing period.
Solid Metal Inlay The metal core contributes to the durability of the shoe and helps to avoid unwanted pressure on the hoof. The sturdy straight bar ensures a more even distribution of pressure across the hoof, providing additional stability.
Synthetic Cover The soft synthetic cover reduces concussion on hard surfaces.
Frog Support Sturdy frog support with a metal core (straight bar) in the rear area of the hoof — flexible frog support made of pure synthetic material in the region of the frog apex (see illustration above).
Debris Guard The molded synthetic lip acts like a debris guard — similar to a snowgrip® — reduces the amount of snow and debris balling up.
Depending on the size you order with the Extra models, you may receive a model without debris guard. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service Team.
Quarter Clips The quarter clips facilitate the nailing process and help avoiding twists and displacements of the horseshoe during the regular shoeing period; in case of the STS models, the clips are placed a little bit further towards the heels compared to the other shoes.
Anti-Slide Protection For additional anti-slide protection you may use spikes; when riding, you always have to adapt the speed appropriately to the ground and ride with reduced speed on slippery ground.
Open Sole The open sole design offers breathability to the hoof sole and the frog.
Breakover You may bend or grind a toe rocker to adjust breakover.
Risk of Injuries in Herds Minimized risk of injuries in herd situations and in case of irregular movements in comparison to a metal horseshoe or the sharp-edged border of a bare hoof — please also read our safety information. The quarter clips must be monitored regularly.
Adjustment to the Hoof With an angle grinder, belt grinder, nippers or toeing knife – please refrain from grinding all the way down to the metal core.
Modifications (at your own discretion) You can create a closed sole area to apply padding material.
Accessories a.o. synthetic plate, grid plate, wedge, colored strips
Packaging Unit in pieces
Quantity Discount From 20 units per shape and size (article number) onwards.
Exchange and Return Possible under certain preconditions within 3 months within the EU.
For returns from outside the EU please contact our Customer Service Team.
For further details please look at our section FAQ → Service & Conditions.
Shipment worldwide; deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are carried out by our our country representatives

Tips and Tricks for Shoeing with a Straight Bar Shoe

Here are some tips and tricks for using our Straight Bar Shoes. We would appreciate it if you could share your own experiences with us in the form of a testimonial.

The Right Shape and Size for Your Straight Bar Shoe

You're unsure about your horse's hoof shape or uncertain about the size needed for your Straight Bar Shoe? We've provided a printable template for your convenience.

The template is available for all three shapes of the Straight Bar Shoe. Typically, round shoes are suitable for front hooves, while oval ones are designed for hind hooves. The STS models, a variation of the round shoe, feature a slightly straightened toe area.

Template for Hybrid Horseshoes
Customizing a Straight Bar Shoe with Plastic Coating

Modifying a Straight Bar Shoe

The correct fit and adaptability of the horseshoe to the hoof are crucial aspects for successful hoof protection, especially when using the Straight Bar Shoe for therapeutic purposes.

Customizing the Straight Bar Shoe to the Hoof

When individually customizing the Straight Bar Shoe to the horse's hoof, it's important to note that the sturdy straight bar leads to limitations in terms of adjustability.

Due to the sturdy straight bar, the horseshoe may be less extensively ground down compared to a regular composite shoe with a flexible synthetic bar.

Usage with Padding Material

If you wish to equip the Straight Bar Shoe with padding material, it is possible to close the sole area with our synthetic plates.

Extending and Widening a Straight Bar Shoe

We generally advise against using our extensions to lengthen the Straight Bar Shoe backward or to widen it laterally.

Of course, as is often the case, we cannot make a universally applicable statement for all situations in this area. If you decide to extend or widen the shoe at your own discretion, always keep an eye on the position of the straight bar. An incorrect position of the straight bar can lead to unwanted pressure on the hoof.

Adjust Breakover

If you wish to facilitate the horse's breakover, you can modify the shoe to adjust the breakover point based on the horse's needs.

adjusted breakover point of a composite horseshoe
Straight Bar Shoe, spikes and studs

Traction Enhancing Devices for Your Straight Bar Shoe

As with any horseshoe, additional traction is sometimes needed with a Straight Bar Shoe to prevent the horse from slipping. For enhanced grip, our spikes can be an option. They are comparable to the carbide pins used in conventional horseshoes.

The metal core of the Straight Bar Shoe has 2 to 4 recesses, depending on the shape, where you can screw in the spikes.

If spikes for additional grip are not sufficient, we recommend the Jumper shoe — a special version of our Straight Bar Shoe with solid threaded inserts for stud application. We also offer a special model under our Heavy Duty Shoes, the HDS Traction. You can also buy suitable studs from us.


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