NBvH Seminar in Grainet

Photos: Anne Ramming (www.hippografie.de)

In November 2018, we could get Dr. Katie Cosgriff Curry DC/IVCA from Montana (USA) for an NBvH seminar in Grainet (Germany)! Teamed up with master farrier Stephan Becker, the renowned human and veterinary chiropractor and fourth generation farrier used presentations and exercises to impart suggestions and tips for the participants' daily work with horses and hooves.

  • Advanced Hoof Anatomy and Indications for Duplo Composite Horseshoes (Dr. Katie Cosgriff Curry)
  • Staying Fit for Farriers - Prevention and Management of Physical Problems (Dr. Katie Cosgriff Curry)
  • Hoof Problems caused by External Factors: Is the Farrier the Solution to every Problem? (Stephan Becker)

Latest Update: 2018-12-14