Revision of Older Duplo Models

During the past years, the Duplo Composite Horseshoe has proven its advantages in various applications and has provided numerous horses with a comfortable walking experience. Of course, we are delighted about that, but we don't want to rest on our laurels. We have learned a lot since our earliest days - thanks to both the permanent use of Duplo Horseshoes for our own horses and the constant contact with horse owners and farriers. At the same time, our production techniques have considerably advanced and many ideas which would have been unimaginable a decade ago can now be implemented without any problems.

For those reasons, we are currently revising the older Duplo models and we are trying to make our (already high-quality) horseshoes even better. We are looking forward to your feedback - and your horse's!

Depending on which Duplo model and which size you order during the months to come, you will either receive an old version or a revised horseshoe. If there are any questions, please contact the Duplo Team!

Improved Position of Nail Holes
In case of the oval horseshoes, we shifted the nail holes 2 mm towards the toe area in order to facilitate the ideal placement of the nails in the hoof wall.

Facilitated Breakover
The prefabricated toe rocker facilitates breakover without you having to rasp or bend the horseshoe before its use.

Round Edges
Every edge of the revised models - especially in the heel area - is thoroughly chamfered so that another step of procedure during the preparation of the horseshoe is eliminated. Besides, that way it happens even more rarely that a horse steps on its front shoes with its hind hooves and loses the horseshoes.

Anatomical Sole Relief
A small bevel on the hoof side of the horseshoe protects sensitive soles from undesirable pressure.

Two Knob Arrays for Every Horseshoe
Up to now, there were some Duplo models with four knob arrays. However, experience has shown that two knob arrays are thoroughly enough to protect the horseshoe from torsion. That's why the revised models are generally equipped with just two knob arrays - except for the open-toed models that are only used for therapeutic purposes and therefore don't have any knobs.

Synthetic Rim for Every Horseshoe
Thanks to new machines and better techniques, we are now able to attach an elastic synthetic rim not only to Standard horseshoes, but also to the slightly harder Extra horseshoes.

Improved Profile
We are currently implementing a new profile to our range. Until all models have been revised, you will receive different profile versions depending on the size of the horse-shoe.

Latest Update: 2020-08-21