Studs for Grip in Extreme Situations

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product description

The thread inserts of Duplo models with ring-shaped metal inlay are firmly fixated in the metal inlay. That's why they cannot be levered out of their position even during extreme strain.

further information

Please note: Studs for grip in extreme situations are not appropriate for the use in regular Duplo Horseshoes without ring-shaped metal inlay.

Stud Height
When screwed in, the stud sinks into the thread for about 3 mm. That way, the first pitch of the screw thread won't be damaged even during abrasion and the thread will be easier to clean. We do not recommend using larger studs because they strain the horseshoe and the horse's health too much.

Stud Change
If you want to change studs on a regular basis, we recommend our self-tapping version.