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product description

As a composite horseshoe, the Duplo combines two different materials - metal and synthetic - for the hoof. However, a qualified farrier must adjust the horseshoe to the individual hoof for the advantages of the Duplo Horseshoe to work optimally. Even though our horseshoes are available in numerous sizes and shapes and even though you can quickly and simply shape them with an angle grinder or belt sander, there are occasionally special cases where the horseshoe just won't fit because of an irregular hoof shape or where there are additional orthopedic requirements to be considered.

Plates for Closed Horseshoes

If you don't have a Duplo model with closed sole area at hand, you can use our synthetic plates for creating a closed horseshoe from a regular model. According to the requirements, you can use a completely closed plate or a grid for fixating padding material on the hoof or in order to protect sensitive hooves from stones.

Extensions for Longer and Wider Horseshoes

By means of our extensions, you can make the Duplo Horseshoe longer or wider without a lot of effort. It is therefore possible to make the horseshoe fit irregularly shaped hooves so your horse can enjoy all the advantages of our composite horseshoe.

Application of the Modification Accessories

Both the plates and the extensions can simply be cut into the right shape with a sharp knife or a performant pad/leather shears. You can then use a standard hot-air gun and weld the modification accessories to the Duplo Horseshoe.

Please note: The application of our modification accessories is at your own discretion!

By the way: The modification accessories were developed in the context of Duplo Innovations. Take a look - there are regularly new products available for a favorable introductory price!

Latest Update: 2022-07-19


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