Steinel® Reduction Nozzle — Precise Air Flow for Plastic Welding

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Manufacturer/Brand: Steinel

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product description

For a Precise Air Flow During Plastic Welding

We recommend the Steinel® 9mm reduction nozzle for precise and efficient work — regardless of whether you use our special welding device or work by hand. The reducing nozzle gives you precise control over the air flow to achieve optimum results when preparing your adhesive horseshoe. The reducing nozzle is easy to attach to the hot air gun and fits securely and firmly.

The precise shape and special design of the reducing nozzle ensure efficient heat conduction, allowing you to complete your work quickly and thoroughly. This also applies if you want to lengthen or widen a horseshoe using the extensions, spot-fix a wedge or weld on a colored strip.

Advantages of Plastic Welding with a Reduction Nozzle

  • better control over the airflow
  • concentration of the air flow on a smaller area, resulting in more precise work
  • reduction of heat impact on adjacent areas

Compatibility of the Reducing Nozzle with Other Steinel Products

According to the manufacturer, the reduction nozzle can be combined with the following Steinel® hot air appliances: HL 1920 E, HL 2020 E, HL 1910 E und HL 2010 E.

Farrier holding a Steinel hot air gun with mounted reducing nozzle

The Reduction Nozzle in Use During Plastic Welding — Photos

Reducing nozzle, alternative horseshoe and hoof knife on a workbench

The Steinel® reducing nozzle in combination with the appropriate hot air tool is our recommendation for welding with our products.

Steinel brand reduction nozzle and hot air tool on a workbench

The Steinel® 9mm reduction nozzle available in our online store is suitable for the Steinel® HL 1920 E hot air gun model, among others.

an alternative horseshoe is welded with hot air onto an adhesive tab on a fixture, the reducing nozzle directs the air flow

Especially when working with Wolf Busch® glue-on tabs, the precise air flow is of great importance in order not to damage their inner layer.

an alternative horseshoe is welded onto a glue-on collar with hot air, the reduction nozzle directs the air flow

Even when using the reduction nozzle, it is important to ensure that the hand holding the hot-air tool is steady and stable when working. Excessive movement or unsteadiness can lead to the hot air being unintentionally deflected to the wrong areas.

Steinel brand reducing nozzle and hot air tool on a workbench

Our tip: A reduction nozzle with a special curved attachment is included with our special devices. As soon as the hot air gun is fastened in the device with this nozzle, the air flow is directed precisely to the area to be welded.

an alternative horse shoe is welded onto an adhesive collar with hot air using a special welding device

When working with our device, you can concentrate fully on the materials to be welded with both hands and do not need a hand for the hot air gun. The risk of the welding result being negatively affected by unsteady movements is minimized.

Application and Safety Instructions

As the reducing nozzle is only a special attachment, we do not have any product-specific information at this point. For further information on our products, we recommend that you read our detailed product descriptions for the respective items.

When working with our products, please observe the safety instructions for the respective product and always ensure adequate ventilation when welding plastic.

If you have any further questions, our customer service team will be happy to advise you.

Product Features of the Steinel® Reducing Nozzle

Article reduction nozzle
Brand Steinel®
Function precise hot air for desoldering and welding plastic, accessory for plastic-welding
Suitable for use with our Mini and Standard welding fixtures
Material INOX stainless steel
Article Number 044001
Safety Instructions Please observe the current safety instructions of the Steinel® company.
The safety instructions for our products can be found in the section FAQ → Safety Instructions.
Packaging Unit by piece
Exchange and Return Possible within 3 months within the EU under certain conditions.
For returns outside the EU, please contact our Customer Service Team.
You can find all the details in the section FAQ → Service & Conditions.
Shipping worldwide
Deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are made via our national representatives.


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