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News about the Duplo Composite Horseshoe

International Hoof-Care Summit

The first photos of the summit in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) are online!

E-Mail Problems

Good news: Our e-mail address is working again! Thanks for your patience!


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Duplo Innovations

On our platform "Duplo Innovations", you can buy new products for a favorable introductory price and participate in the test phase!

Duplo Insights

A little insight into the Duplo World - a combination of craft and high tech!

NBvH Seminar
with Dr. Katie Cosgriff Curry

The photos of the seminar in november 2018 are online!

Price Adjustment

Unfortunately, it is necessary for us to announce a price adjustment of about 3.5 %. You can take a look at our price list in order to check the prices for 2019. We hope that you understand this displeasing measure!

Discontinued Models

Our warehouse is bursting at the seams! As we are currently introducing some new models and revising some older ones, we can offer a large number of discontinued models at a reduced price. Use this opportunity to build up your Duplo stocks! Take a look at our online shop category "Discontinued Models" and at our regularly updated overview over the currently available sizes of our discontinued models.

Duplo on Instagram

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Icelandic Horse Competitions

During the season of 2017, Duplo Composite Horseshoes were experimentally allowed in national and international FEIF competitions (information). The test phase has now been extended by two years - great news for the Duplo enthousiasts with Icelandic Horses!
For further information, please check the minutes and the updated rules.

Farrier List

Have you seen our new farrier list yet? If you are a horse owner, you might find a Duplo expert in your region; if you are a farrier, you can enlarge your client base with an entry in our list.

Revision of Older Models

We are currently revising our older Duplo models. Depending on which horseshoe in which size you order, you may already get the new version with some exciting improvements!

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