Duplo Welding Device

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Innovations Product at a Reduced Test Price!
You can buy this innovative product at a test price; however, there are no further price reductions possible.

Currently, glueing on a horseshoe is more complicated than nailing. This is partly due to the fact that you have to weld the glue-on tabs to the horseshoe before you can apply it to the hoof. This has to be done very carefully and is therefore quite time-consuming; also, the result may vary, depending on the surrounding conditions. Our answer to these difficulties is the Duplo Welding Device.

Advantages of the Duplo Welding Device

  • Time Saving - welding the glue-on tabs to the horseshoe with the device is quicker than without
  • Ergonomics - the height of the device is variable (in combination with the hoof stand between about 90cm and 107cm) and you can adjust it to your body height and preferred work posture
  • Durability - the material is galvanized and won't corrode
  • Flexibility - both your hands are free during the welding process and can take care of important details
  • Mobility - combined with the hoof stand, you can place the device according to weather and lighting conditions
  • Uniformity - even as an untrained user, our device helps you heating the horseshoe and the glue-on tabs evenly and achieving uniform welding seams
  • Reliability - the reproducible and uniform welding seams make your glue-on horseshoes more durable and more successful

Content and Included Accessories

  • hex key
  • hexagonal socket wrench
  • 2 combination spanner wrenches
  • Steinel reduction nozzle with special attachment
  • 2 distance pieces
  • 4 attachment pipes
  • welding board with Duplo logo

Take a look at our Mounting Instruction to learn how to combine the welding device with your hoof stand, anvil, or vise.

Please note: The Duplo Welding Device contains a Steinel reduction nozzle with special attachment. It is therefore only combinable with a Steinel hot air gun (HL1920E or HL2020E)!

Recommendations for the Correct Application

  • Use the appropriate distance piece (4mm for glue-on tabs, none for color strips).
  • Clip the glue-on tabs in the predetermined track between roll and welding board.
  • Slowly and constantly roll the horseshoe.
  • Deliberately mark the starting and terminal point by a bit more pressure.

There are further recommendations for a successful glue-on horseshoe available in our Glueing Instruction.

Take a look at our Innovations Website for further information.

By the way: The Duplo Welding Device is being developed in the context of Duplo Innovations. Take a look - there are regularly new products available for a favorable introductory price!

Duplo Welding Device